5 Tips To Tweak Your Tinder Profile & Get More Matches

Ahh, Tinder. With online dating becoming one of the top ways of meeting someone and starting a relationship, your dating profile practically determines whether or not you’ll find love in a hopeless place, or continue to be “single and ready to mingle.” And while you may have gone through the motions and set up a profile, for some reason you don’t seem to be getting many matches. Well, as it turns out, there are certain things you can do to tweak your Tinder profile that will enhance your chances of getting more matches and a potential bae.

If you’re sick of your Tinder app taking up precious unused space on your phone and want to start getting more matches, take a look at these five tips to tweak your profile.

1. Don’t Short Change Yourself In Your Bio.

Skipping your bio, not listing any hobbies or interests or writing the bare minimum in your bio are all ways you shortchange yourself and prevents you from getting more matches. Your bio gives potential matches the opportunity to get to know the real you without ever knowing you, so a stellar bio is a must! Share what makes you original, keep it short and sweet and don’t be afraid to brag a bit.

2. Give Your Best Smile Or Smize.

Picking the right profile picture for your Tinder account can sometimes determine whether a potential partner will swipe left or right on you. To ensure that you’re not getting passed on because your profile picture is sending the wrong message, choosing a photo where you’re smiling is always your better option. Women who are smiling in their pictures tend to get more matches because a smiling photo is more inviting and friendly. It shows you’re open to conversation and not closed off. Save the resting b***h face photos for your social media and choose a profile picture that shows off your pearly whites.

3. Don’t Get Too Comfortable.

While getting a match is one thing, KEEPING a match is another. Sometimes what winds up happening is when you do finally match with someone, is the conversation gets dry, we ditch other potentials and put all your energy into that one match. To keep things fresh, play the Tinder field and don’t put all your eggs in your match’s basket. If you sense a convo is getting a bit dull, don’t be afraid to spruce up the convo a bit. Send a funny meme or an interesting headline their way and voila! Problem averted. Also, we tend to get comfortable being confined to just chatting with a match and forget the whole point of Tinder is to match a potential mate. Avoid becoming chatting buddies after a while and suggest meeting up after some time has passed.

4. Ditch The Hat & Sunglasses.

Along with proper Tinder Profile Photo etiquette, choosing a photo where potentials can see your face completely also helps you get more matches. Large, invasive accessories like hats and sunglasses are distracting and take away from someone getting the opportunity to get a good look at you. Avoid posting photos with big bulky accessories that could take away from showing off your natural beauty.

5. Serve MAJOR Face

While it’s shallow to admit, the reality is that we live in a world where looks and appearance matter. Physical attraction is as equally important as a mental connection, so when you are choosing a profile picture, it’s essential to pick one that shows you giving major face. Posting a flattering profile picture doesn’t mean you have to rock a cake face and get your pictures professionally done (although more power to you if you do), but serving good face in your profile picture just means you’re showing your best self. A friendly smile, a little mascara and some lipgloss are all you need on the makeup front, especially if you tend to have a natural day to day look. Also, putting a little effort into your hair to make sure you don’t look like a wet dog or like Ms. Frizzle also helps when taking or choosing a profile picture.

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