National Best Friend Day: Celebrate Your BFF The Right Way

Everyone loves their best friend, and we have to honor them! Best friends make the world go around, and there are so many things to do with your best friend. To celebrate the special qualities that they bring to our life, we thought it would be best to explain five reasons why you should have a best friend.

They’re Fun!

What best friend isn’t fun? In fact, they probably became your best friend because there was so much shared in between you that made it seem as if you could live with the enthusiasm they brought to your life for forever. Your best friend’s energy radiates off of you creating a jolly field of positivity. And, that’s one of the key ingredients to a healthy relationship and makes you want to keep them around.

They laugh with you

A best friend will have so many inside jokes that will almost seem as if you’re speaking a different language among each other. This person knows what moment to make eye contact with you, how you can go about changing your tones in order to catch small moments, and drop hints. It’s like they become your twin with this entire different telepathy and humor flows effortlessly between you.

They are reliable

Your best friend will always be there for whatever you need. As your best friend, they will always be reliable and ready to share good moments with you that you can value for a lifetime. From needing food, to money, to a nice shirt to wear out, they will make it all happen, just because well… they’re your best friend.

You can take them anywhere

The best thing that a best friend can offer is a partner in crime. It doesn’t matter whether you’re shopping, at work, graduating, or moving, your best friend will be right there to share the experience with you.

They are your diaries

When you’re best friends with someone, there’s this unspoken understanding that whatever is told to them can’t go anywhere else. That code is important, so the only way to maintain the boundaries is to trade secrets and have mutual respect. Your best friend becomes your diary in that everything you tell them is stored, and they throw the key away so that none of your secrets could ever be lost.