Queer Eye Season 2 Spoilers: What You Need To Know

Your favorite feel-good show on Netflix is about to return, and we couldn’t be more excited. Netflix just released the official trailer for season two of the show everybody is raving about, “Queer Eye.” The trailer will show people the real difference between Netflix’s “Queer Eye” and the mid-2000’s Bravo hit show “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” by taking “for the straight guy” out of the equation. This was first seen in season one, but season two will bring much more diversity than ever before. They will makeover their first trans man as well as their first female subject.

“Queer Eye” is back and ready to play honey, but if there is one thing were more excited for than the heart filled transformations, it’s getting to see the Fab Five back together again. From their advice on food, grooming, fashion and design to their true BFF relationships these five fabulous men will win your heart over and over every new episode.

Season Two Realness


Mark your calendars because season 2 of Queer Eye will be coming to Netflix on June 15th and it won’t disappoint. This season will consist of eight episodes just like the first season, and because it is on Netflix, all eight episodes will drop at the same time. Can you say YASSS? Every episode was filmed in Georgia just like the first season since they began filming for season two directly after.

What makes this show so unique and fun to watch is in every episode there is a deeper meaning behind the wardrobe and outer appearance updates. What to expect for this season is a lot about male body image with each individual makeover. The team will also touch on trans-identity and the transgender community when they take on the show’s first transgender man. They will also take on their first female subject, something the show has never seen. One episode will even feature a church community center makeover, which will bring the topic of religionĀ up in the episode. Every episode will include the Fab Five’s spunky personality while giving each of the eight new men and woman a transformation of a lifetime.

Slay New Theme Song Music Video


A new season brings a new theme song and even a music video to match. The show’s previous theme song was remixed by pop artist Betty Who. You can catch Betty Who and the Fab Five strutting their stuff in this fun and spunky Queer Eye music video. Who knew avocados and hairdryers could look so fabulous?

Secrets On Season Three


Season two clearly has a ton of people excited and eager to watch with the first season’s raging success, but is the third season already being filmed? That’s right, season three of Queer Eye is well underway, in the down under that is. The stars were reportedly seen making over a hotel in Australia, and the name of the town will have you shook. Yass is a town in New South Wales, Australia and you better believe the Fab Five made it their mission to film there.

Netflix has not yet publically announced that the show will be renewed for season three, but after this evidence, it is pretty clear that Queer Eye is here to stay for seasons to come.

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