5 Reasons You Have To Study Abroad In College

Your 20s are filled with moments and experiences that continuously shape you into the person you want to be. It’s the time to fully focus on self-discovery. It’s also your final years of being able to experience all the world has to offer before reality hits and you have to worry about real-world problems like finding a job and paying rent. Study abroad is the ultimate college experience for you to take advantage of the opportunities and wonders you can’t get from looking outside your dorm room window.

We’ve all been learning about the world since we got our first textbook in grade school, but aren’t you ready to get out there and see it for yourself? Sure the worries of leaving your friends and having FOMO may cross your mind, but the best part is, it’ll all still be here when you get back. Take a look at how these top 5 reasons that prove why studying abroad will give you a new outlook on life, which will shape you for your years to come.

It Broadens Your Perspective


It’s easy to get stuck in the bubble in life. Whether you come from a small town or even a big city, you’ve still constantly seen the world with all the ideas you’ve been taught your whole life. However, study abroad will force you to see the world differently. You’ll get the opportunity to meet new people, try new foods, and have completely new experiences. You’ll be forced to step outside of your comfort zone and break boundaries you never even knew existed within yourself.

By seeing how different people experience life you’ll learn that there isn’t just one way that defines living. You’ll carry every lesson with you long after your study abroad experience has ended which you can bring back home and share with everyone who didn’t get this first-hand experience like you did.

You’ll Gain Independence


Everyone told you that one of the best parts of going away to college was finally being on your own and independent. But how independent are you really away at college? You have RA’s that invade your room to do room checks, you have advisors who you can go to with any question or concern basically letting you know that you don’t have to make decisions on your own, and some of you go to school where if you’re homesick you can easily drive back home.

Studying abroad will help you conquer your deepest fears of being on your own. It’ll show you that you possess the inner strength to conquer all the challenges life throws at you. You’ll learn to survive without the comforts of home, which you thought you couldn’t live without at one point. The best comfort you can find is in yourself, and why not be a step ahead of the game and find it in your 20s rather than continuing to search for it.

You’ll Learn To Live In The Moment


Of course, we’re all scared of the future, that’s just inevitable. But no one should shy away from life opportunities out of fear. Sometimes you just have to take that ‘what if’ chance and see what happens. Most times taking that chance leaves you with the best outcome. Going abroad can be a big transition, but you’re learning to welcome the changes that inevitably come with life’s journey. You’ll be making choices that only you know are right for you without having anyone to lean on.

You’ll Take Full Advantage Of Life


It won’t be long before you realize that rare opportunities come and go, so seize the day! You’ll begin to take every opportunity to have an adventure with your new friends. When you’re abroad you’ll be the first person to suggest a weekend road trip or a spontaneous night out on the town. Studying abroad will remind you that life is short, and there’s no better time than to live life than right now.

You’ll Find Yourself


It may sound cliché, but studying abroad will help you discover yourself. Everything you experience will mold and shape you. You may even surprise yourself to find out that some of your interests change, and new ones develop. You’ll see that you really are your own best friend when challenges arise, and you discover you’re stronger than you ever thought. Some of your favorite moments may be moments you have alone.

At the end of the day, the only person we have to account for all the chances we did and didn’t take in life is ourselves. So why not look at yourself and be proud of all the chances you didn’t let pass you by! Studying abroad is not an experience you might want, it’s one that you definitely need.

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