How To Spot When It’s Time To Break Up

Relationships can be tricky, but some of them are truly just not meant to be. If the fact that you searched this topic isn’t enough to end your relationship now, then keep reading below to see the signs that it’s time for you to break up with your partner.

There just isn’t a spark anymore

Obviously, there comes an end to the honeymoon stage of your relationship, but if all of a sudden rather than settling into comfort and closeness you find that you suddenly just have nothing in common with them anymore, it’s time to look elsewhere. If you dread having to see them and force conversation then it’s definitely time to re-evaluate the relationship.

You would rather spend the majority of your time with anyone else but them

Making time for your friends is a necessity. However, do you find that you would rather hang out with your friends than your partner? If it seems like you are taking every opportunity presented to avoid them, then you need to find out why. Perhaps you just aren’t into them anymore which is sufficient enough of a reason to break up.

After a long time, they still haven’t introduced you to their friends or family

This is a red flag. Do you feel like they’re hiding you? Are you hiding them? Is your relationship casual? If this is bothering you and you haven’t defined the outlines of what your relationship is, then it’s time to talk things over with your partner. You deserve to be broadcast to the world! Not to jump to conclusions, but what if there’s someone else and the reason that they’re hiding you is that their family and friends know the other person? Before freaking out, ask your partner why you haven’t met the people that are close to them in their life. If their excuse seems shallow or unrealistic then you need to realize that you deserve better and dump them.

You keep wondering what else is out there

If you’re on a date with your partner and you find that you keep wondering if you could have someone better, then perhaps you actually do need to find someone better. Stop asking yourself if this is it, and realize that if you were really content with your relationship you wouldn’t be asking this question.

You feel obligated to stay with them for fear of hurting their feelings

A relationship should not be condensed into an obligation. There can be a lot of guilt with breaking up with someone, however, you need to put yourself first at the end of the day. Keep in mind that it would hurt the person you are with more if you were to drag out the relationship out of pity. Love yourself enough to let them go.

You fight about anything and everything

Does it seem like every little negative habit that was once kind of cute before is now infuriating? Does it feel like arguments are being picked for no reason? If you find that you’re fighting more than your laughing at Netflix shows together then it’s time for the relationship to come to a close.

The parts of them that you never liked but put up with seem to be forefront in their personality

Everyone has character flaws. However, if it seems like your partner’s character flaws cross over into having mismatched morals then it’s definitely time to take a break and look things over. Values and morals are important in a relationship. If almost all of your values or the things that you care about don’t match up and you find resentment beginning to creep its way into your relationship, then you probably need to break up with them. Likewise, if some of their negative traits seem to outnumber their positive ones, then it’s time to say goodbye.

You keep comparing your relationship to everyone else’s

Do you keep looking at #relationship goals on Instagram and sighing in defeat? Do you dread hearing about what your best friend and her boyfriend did last weekend for fear that it will overshadow your own relationship? Although it’s unhealthy to compare your relationship to someone else’s overall, it could also be a sign that things in your relationship are dwindling when it seems that everyone else’s is better than yours. Do you need to take the time to work on your relationship to make things better, or do you just want someone else better?

You keep hoping that they’ll change

Make sure that you aren’t dating potential. You should never enter into a relationship thinking “Well they could be like this if I convince them to do this…” You want to date the person that you are with for who they are not who they could be. If you keep imagining ways to change them then chances are they just aren’t right for you. Date someone who you have no thoughts of altering at all.

You’re reading this article

Let’s be honest, the fact that you searched this topic at all is enough reason to realize that maybe things just aren’t as good with this person as you thought they would be. If things were really okay with your partner then you would be talking to them right now instead of reading this. Trust your intuition. You know whether or not you really like them. If you were looking for a sign then this is it. Break up with them!

If your relationship is characterized by two or more of these issues, or better yet if you read this and you’re still searching for more reasons to break up, then it’s definitely time to end things with your partner. At the end of the day, you only have yourself. Rather than feeling too guilty, applaud yourself for caring about your own needs enough to bring your relationship to a close.

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