Top 10 Gifts To Get Your Dad For Father’s Day Based On His Personality


Finding the perfect gift for your dad for Father’s Day may seem like mission impossible. You want to thank him for all he has done for you with something he will actually like. The cute quirks about your dad make him special and are the best starting point for finding the perfect gift for him! Every dad is different though, which is why we created this gift guide to help you pick out something for your dad’s personality.

The Funny Dad


Does your dad like to make jokes? Are they actually funny or do you pretend to laugh to make him feel better? Here is a good suggestion to help out your dad who is or thinks he’s funny.

This Jokelopedia is the mother of all kids’ joke books—an all-encompassing, gut-busting, and bestselling collection of more than 1,700 jokes, tongue-twisters, riddles, and puns for all occasions. It comes in a Kindle or Paperback version so your dad can have access to these jokes anywhere and everywhere!

BUY: Jokelopedia: Dumbest Joke Book Ever! here

The Techy Dad


Is your dad the underrated chef of the family? This grill will do wonders for his cooking skills.

The George Foreman 5-Serving Removable Plate Grill and Panini Press will allow your dad to feed the whole family in record time! It is easy to clean, dishwasher safe, nonstick coating and portable. This will be his new favorite toy!

BUY: George Foreman Removable Plate Grill and Panini Press here

The Sporty Dad


Does your dad like to play sports? Does he enjoy his coffee in the morning? Well, this gift would be the best of both worlds!

Your dad can play with his food with this football themed mug with an attached goalpost. He can lick marshmallows into cocoa, crackers into soup or even toppings onto ice cream! The ultimate soccer dad would totally appreciate this sporty gift.

BUY: The Mug With A Goalpost Football Mug here

The Outdoorsy Dad


Is your dad the ultimate hiker? Does he tend to overpack his tiny hiking backpack? Spoil him with this lightweight and packable travel hiking backpack.

The extra strength provided by the double-layer bottom piece will allow him to carry more on his outdoor journeys. The backpack is durable, comfortable, has multi-compartments, lightweight, roomy and compact. What more does an outdoorsy dad need?!

BUY: Venture Pal Travel Hiking Backpack here

The Nerdy Dad


Does your dad know the periodic table by heart? This gift will make him smile while having a little fun.

Your dad will appreciate being a nerd with these wine periodic table coasters and are the perfect addition to any tech-loving dad’s home or office.

BUY: Wine Periodic Table Coasters here

The Musical Dad


No musician can ever top your dad in your eyes. Show him how much you appreciate his musical skills with this unique tie.

BUY: Musical Staff Tie here

The Fashion-Forward Dad


Is your dad always up to the latest trends? Give him a run for his money with this sleek watch.

Not only is it fashionable but also has a built-in fitness, sleep and step tracker, gives notifications and is compatible with the Android OS 5.0+, iPhone 5/iOS 9.0+, Smartphone App!

BUY: Fossil Hybrid’s Smart And Leather Watch here

The Star Wars-loving Dad


Let’s face it, what dad doesn’t love Princess Leah? Show him how much you love him by getting him these Star Wars socks. Now he can always represent being a Star Wars fan.

BUY: Star Wars Socks here

The Handy Dad


This multi-tool is every handy man’s dream. It features 12 components such as spring-loaded needle nose pliers, standard pliers, a wire cutter, a tweezer, a bottle opener, a fine edge blade, a retail package opener, scissors, a medium flat head driver, a coarse and fine file, a cross driver and a lanyard ring!

BUY: Gerber Dime Multi-Tool here

The Basic Dad


This gift will complete your basic dad’s look. It is perfect to get him right in time for summer! Now he can bring out those sunnies and represent being basic (in a fashionable way, of course)!

BUY: Ray-Ban Original Way-farer Sunglasses here

There you have it; our top 10 gifts for this year’s Father’s Day. Not only will your gift be unique, but it will match your dad’s personality perfectly. We hope you find this as useful as we do!

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