The 10 Instagram Accounts Every Animal Lover Should Follow

Everyone needs a daily dose of cuteness in their life! But, if you’re not following these top 10 animal Instagrams, you could be missing out MAJORLY! Our list features both conventional and exotic pets. Check out our list below and prepare for a cuteness overload. Not to mention that most of these famous furry friends also understand a thing or two about pleasing aesthetics.

1. @lionelthehog

Lionel is an African pygmy hedgehog, the most common variety of hedgehog. What’s uncommon about Lionel, though, are his over 115K Instagram followers!

2. @iamlilbub

Born the runt of a healthy litter of feral cats, Lil Bub has gone on to become a published author, a talk show host, a movie star and has helped to raise over $300,000 for animals in need. Not to mention, she’s also Instagram famous.

3. @mervinthechihuahua

Having no teeth is no problem for cancer survivor Mervin. Now the senior rescue is living the good life in New York City for an audience of over 100K followers.

4. @juniperfoxx

Juniper, like most human girls, loves to stay in bed and cuddle during the morning, hide food in case of snack emergencies and eat socks. Okay, so maybe not that last one.

5. @ludwik_guinea_pig

Ludwik, who went from an abandoned pet to an Instagram celebrity in less than a year, has truly lived a rags to riches to riches story. Or more specifically, in Ludwik’s case, a hairless to hairless for 246K followers story.

6. @pumpkintheraccoon

Pumpkin the raccoon is the same as your average, household dog except that she looks a little different and has 1.5 M followers.

7. @tunameltmyheart

You may recognize Tuna from his “Phteven” internet meme fame because, as this pooch learned early on, any publicity is good publicity.

8. @rexiecat

Rexie is a handicapped cat with only two working feet but, thanks to her set of pink wheels, her disability does not mean inability.

9. @bikke_the_chip

Whoever said that watching a chipmunk eat wasn’t entertaining? Bikke’s 119K followers seem to think it is.

10. @jackthecockatiel

Jack takes photoshoots to a whole new level on his Instagram, maybe even making some human celebrities jealous.

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