Top 10 Things To Do With Your Best Friend On National Best Friend Day

Best Friend’s Day is an “unofficial” national holiday that falls each year on June 8th. This is the time to celebrate your best friend and the almost supernatural connection that you two share. Best Friend’s Day is the day – no easy feat. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 things to do with your best friend on Best Friend’s Day. If 24 hours isn’t enough time to complete everything on our list, no problem! Best friends are worth celebrating every day.

1. Roadtrip

What’s more fun than cruising down the road with your windows down and LOUDLY singing along to your favorite tunes? Oh yeah! Having your best friend along for the ride.

2. Photo Shoot

No one knows how to snap a pic of your good side quite like your BFF.

3. Crafting

Maybe it’s tie-dying matching t-shirts or making a scrapbook. Whatever the project is, it’s more fun together.

4. Cook A Meal Together

Bonus activity: eat the meal that you both just finished cooking together!

5. Spend A Night In

Why go out when your person is already at home with you?

6. Make A Playlist

Impromptu dance party anyone?

7. Perfect Your Super-Secret Handshake

You and your best friend may be tempted to show off your perfected handshake, but keep in mind that it’s supposed to be a secret.

8. Bury A Time Capsule

So that one day the pair of you can dig it up and reminisce about the “good old days.”

9. Try Something New

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone with your best friend there running backup.

10. Spend the Day Doing Whatever Your Best Friend Wants

There’s no easier way to show your BFF how special they are to you than by handing over the reins and letting them make the plans for this Best Friend’s Day.