10 Hilarious Ways We Have Appreciated Our Dads Growing Up

Growing up, your dad has always been your superhero. As you have gotten older, you have realized how much you appreciate him and his loving self. When you think back at all those times you have spent time together, you realize that he really is the OG dad. He always pulls off the seemingly impossible but also makes you laugh until it hurts. He also has had some fails, which is why admire him even more because it has never gotten in the way of his awesomeness. With Father’s Day coming up, here are 10 funny situations to reminisce where you appreciated your dad.

When He Was Your Makeup Muse

Let’s be real, we have all tortured our dads by making him be our makeup muse. You probably pleaded and begged until he agreed, and then totally painted a picture on his face using red lipstick. That stuff doesn’t come off easily, so for your dad to agree to sit there while you smudged makeup all over his face makes him a true hero. This was probably one of his least favorite activities, but he still sat through it and made you laugh uncontrollably.

When He Tried To Do Your Hair

When your dad was on hair duty, you knew it would always turn out as a disaster. But you let him do it anyway. Your hair probably wasn’t the easiest to do, so cut the guy some slack. Let’s just hope there are no pictures of you in a hairdo by your dad.

When He Tried To Cook But Burned It Instead

When it comes to the grill, your dad could be a famous chef. But when he tries to do one of your mom’s recipes, it always comes out not the best or just plain old wrong. It was always cute when he tried so hard though.

When He Tried To Fix Something But Made It Worse

Your dad is probably the world’s best handyman. But there was that one time where he had no idea how to fix your TV and ended up blowing up the circuit. It’s ok dad, you still get an “A” for effort for this one.

When He Tried To Do Your Clothes Shopping For You

As you began to change as you got older, so did your style. But your dad probably didn’t know that when he went shopping for you and decided to buy you that ugly purple sweater on sale. You had to wear it because you didn’t want to hurt his feelings, but your friends will remind you to this day when you showed up at school looking like Barney.

When He Tried To Give You Relationship Advice

We’ve all been there. Your dad always has your best interest but sometimes his advice is not the best, especially about relationships. You go to him to confide in your relationship issues, but following his advice would probably make the issue worse. It’s ok, we still love him anyway.

When He Tried To Use Slang

You will never let your dad hold this one down. Parents always try to be in touch with their inner millennial. Remember that time when he misused the word “lit?” You laughed so hard that tears came streaming down your face. You have to at least appreciate the fact that he even knows that word exists.

When He Tried To Sing Along With You In The Car

Everyone always tried to sing along to the song “Despacito.” If it was a fail when you tried to sing the lyrics, forget about when your dad tried to join you. You couldn’t bear to listen to his singing, so you changed the radio station. Sorry, dad!

When He Tried To Tell The Story On How He Met Your Mom

Your mom knows this story inside and out. She tells it like a chapter in a fairytale. Your dad though always seems to confuse the minor details. Obviously, it doesn’t mean he loves your mom any less, but it is funny to see them bicker about whose story is actually right.

When He Tried To Impress Your Friends

Every dad wants to be the cool dad. When he tries to impress your friends by showing them his new pair of shoes, you can’t help but laugh at his effort. At least your friends think it’s sweet that he tries!

No matter how big of a fool your dad makes of himself, you still don’t know how he makes everything look effortless. If we are half of what our dads are, we should consider ourselves very lucky.