5 Sistermoon Getaways With Your Ride Or Die

You’ve heard of a honeymoon and road trips with your BFFs, but have you heard of a “sistermoon?” A sistermoon is that annual getaway with your ultimate BFF, your sister. It’s not only a great little vacay from your normal day-to-day life but also some much-needed bonding time between you and your sister. With life getting crazy and seeing each other often gets less and less, it’s crucial to catch up and enjoy a nice trip together. We have found 5 of the best destinations for your perfect sistermoon getaway.

Vegas Baby!


Nothing screams a crazy fun filled sistermoon like Las Vegas, Nevada. From drinking at one of the wild hotel pool parties to gambling the night away at the casino, Vegas has you covered for your getaway. You can also enjoy the light shows at night or tear up the town visiting some of their best nightclubs.

What’s a trip to Vegas without seeing one of their spectacular shows? From performers like Jennifer Lopez to Brittney Spears, you and your sister are bound to have a good time in Las Vegas, it’s Vegas Baby!

Relive Your Disney Kid Fantasy


What kid didn’t want to go to Disney World when they were little? No matter if you have gone before or it’s your first time, reliving this childhood dream would be like a walk down memory lane for you and your sister. This sistermoon will be filled with amusement park rides, fine dining experiences and of course, you can’t forget to take a candid picture right in front of the Disney castle.

This trip will be like a family vacation, just without mom and dad telling you both what to do. Having the freedom to be a kid again, and who better to share that experience with than your sister.

Glamping Getaway


Think of going camping but making it a little glam and ditch the tents and bugs. Glamping is really the best of both worlds! You two can travel somewhere like Colorado and enjoy the camping lifestyle, but still keep the amenities and “resort-like” cabins like you would on a fancy getaway. You two can get away from the hustle of your daily lives and just relax on this calming sistermoon.

From building a campfire and making smores to sitting outside at night making patterns with the stars, this trip will be the best bonding experience you and your sister have ever had.

All Aboard


What’s a better bang for your buck than going on a summer sistermoon cruise? You and your sister can choose from destinations like the Bahamas, Mexico and more where you can relax by the pool during the day and explore the islands by night. Going on a cruise with your sister is the perfect getaway if you like warm weather and tropical destinations.

Not feeling a summer cruise? You can check out Alaskian cruises as well where you and your sister can see the beauties of Alaska and its waters during the winter months. Whether you like warm or cold vacations, you both are bound to have the time of your lives.

Wine For Days


Wine and cheese with your sister, please! Check out a beautiful vineyard around you or pick one out in your favorite state. Relaxing countryside while tasting your favorite wines would be the best sistermoon for the two of you to talk about for years to come.

From exploring the vineyard’s history to learning about their wines and how they make them. This trip will be not only informational and a hands-on experience, but fun for you two to enjoy each other’s company along the way.

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