10 Ways To (Cheaply) Give Your Place A Makeover


So you’ve been settled into your home for a while now. You love the original decorations you put together (and bought), but you want a change. But you’re on a budget–making over a household can be more expensive than you expect. Don’t fret–we have ways you can give your home a do-over for cheap or totally free.

1. Organize, Organize, Organize!


Start by organizing your space. The clutter can build up quickly–we know–but the sooner you organize all of your belongings there is a peace of mind you can have. You have control over your things; they don’t control you!

You can find inexpensive organization bins on Amazon, The Container Store, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond among many others.

2. Decluttering? Yes.


Decluttering is the most cathartic experience ever. After you organize your belongings–go through them and get rid of what you don’t use or need (or like). By decluttering your belongings, you make space for new things that you love more and actually use. While decluttering, you may even find things that you used to use and love, but got lost in the mess of it all.

This may seem overwhelming–but don’t worry there is a method to the madness. The approach to the madness is called the KonMari Method, and you can read more about that here.

3. Buy A Stylish Hamper


You may be thinking: what? But really, a stylish hamper–that is not see through or plastic. It can make over your bedroom and give an elegant touch. There are many different types–wooden, canvas, metal and some others with a stylish mix of both. Now you have a new statement piece! You can find some stylish hampers on Amazon and Etsy for under $20.

4. Place An Oversized Mirror


Yes, this may sound expensive. (I’m looking at this expensive AF mirror). But hear me out–you can find cheaper alternatives on Amazon and at Target. Still a bit pricey, but an oversized mirror can open up your living space, whether placed in your living room or cleverly placed in your studio apartment. A beautiful mirror can also evolve in your living spaces.

5. Get Some Shoe Storage


A shoe organizing tool can keep your shoes organized in one place, so they’re not all over the place. There are many different types–ones that hang over your closet door or shoe racks–all of which come in many different styles and colors.

Shoe organizers are a great way to better utilize your space–rather than just throwing your shoes all over the floor. You can find shoe organizers of different types at just about any kind of home store such as Amazon, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

6. Get A Tapestry


A tapestry can open up your living space and add some good style to your home. They are also the perfect way to show off some of your personal flare–whether you have an affliction for maps or you just like pretty patterns. You can find cheap tapestries of many sizes and designs on Amazon, and you can even find some at for $5 at Five Below.

7. Look Out For Decor That Just Looks Expensive


There are many places you can find decor that only looks expensive–like this organizational bin. Some places you can find these pieces are Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

8. Get A Clothing Rack


Show off your statement pieces with a clothing rack. Using a clothing rack in your room can show your love of style and also keep your favorite pieces readily available rather than tucked away in your closet. You can find clothing racks at Amazon and Bed Bath & Beyond.

9. Get Painting!


You can easily give your furniture a DIY makeover that will provide you and your guests a refreshed view of your living space. This is so inexpensive and easy–you can find some primer and paint on Amazon. Also, check out this article for specific instructions.

10. Revamp Your Furniture With Washi Tape


This seems so simple, but this is the perfect DIY way you could mix up your furniture for cheap. You can find an awesome guide here for how to revamp your furniture this way (don’t worry if you mess up–Washi Tape is easily removable.)

We hope you found some great suggestions for how to revamp your space!

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