The 10 Body Positive Instagram Influencers You Should Follow

Body positivity is on the rise in a way that it has never been before. People across the world are looking to social media influencers that do not uphold societies definition of the right way to have a body and stress that there is no right way to live in what you were born with. These influencers are developing the idea that embracing who are and what you have is the greatest gift that you can possibly give yourself. Several Instagram influencers have showcased their mental ups and downs in regard to their own body images to add authentic awareness to the body positivity movement. Here are a few out of the many impactful body positive Instagram influencers that are changing the world one body image at a time.

Sonny Turner

Sonny Turner is a British model and body activist that is turning heads toward her Instagram page. Not only is Turner revolutionizing the idea of beauty within the modeling industry and being featured by big name brands such as Aerie and Asos, but she also engages with her Instagram account and Youtube channel to remind her followers that they need to rock what they got. Turner continuously encourages loving the skin that your in no matter what size or color you are and has made large impacts in the body positive community by revealing herself at angles that society has deemed to be “unflattering.” Turner proves that beauty comes in all shapes and all sizes and that you deserve to be confident in your body and even pursue a modeling career no matter what society tells you.

Megan Jayne Crabbe

Crabbe, more commonly known by her Instagram handle “Bodyposipanda” is taking on beauty standards by storm backing down to no fat shamer or photoshopper. Crabbe is a strong participant in aiding her followers that struggle with eating disorders as well as their body image. She not only consistently posts on her page about the real dangers of diet culture, but also has written an informative book Body Positive Power that goes into the true nature of dieting companies and why it’s important to embark on a journey of self-love. Her page is filled to the brim with a mix of positive messages, crucial advice, and informative facts about societies strict beauty standards.

Leah J Vernon

An avid speaker not only for the body positivity community but for the Muslim community as well, Vernon holds back no punches when it comes to revealing the truth about diet culture and the false stigmas that are associated with fat members of society. Her posts tackle the subjects of body diversity within commercial industries but also the ins and outs of size acceptance within relationships and fashion as well. A savvy style influencer, Vernon continues to challenge the idea that fat bodies cannot be fashionable members of society.

Michelle Elman

Although most of her followers know her as “Scarrednotscared” on Instagram, Elman continues to make a name for herself as one of the most influential body-positive Instagram influencers. In her book Am I Ugly?  Elman erases the idea that happiness is only for one size. Elman details within her page the struggles that she has faced with surgery, and her own journey to love her body scars and all.

Kenzie Brenna

The creator of #cellulitesaturday, Brenna unveils the struggles of loving your body and mental health in an encouraging and supportive platform. Brenna makes it a goal to normalize the natural changes that occur in all bodies such as cellulite and stretch marks, and details her journey on her Instagram as well as on her Youtube channel.

Mama Cax

Cax is a powerful survivor as well as an influencer on Instagram. Cax reveals the beauty in all types of bodies and shows that even if your body has been through a lot it is still worthy of love and appreciation. The model showcases that there is no one way to be beautiful and that it is worth it to pursue your dreams no matter what you look like.

Jessamyn Stanley

Stanley wows the world with her athleticism in the yoga community and her unapologetic posts regarding body positivity. Stanley delivers supportive and life-changing messages along with amazing posts in powerful poses on her page. She continuously challenges the idea that fat people cannot be fit and proves that weight does not go hand in hand with fitness. Stanley is truly #fitnessgoals.

Ashley Graham

A popular household name, Graham has been a major contributor to the body positive movement. The world-renowned model continuously expresses that beauty has no bounds and can be expressed through a variety of body types. The international success that has worked with names like Revlon as well as created her own swimsuit and lingerie lines continuous to wow her watchers and make way for others that prove societies standards to be extremely outdated.

Tabria Majors

Tabria Majors has majorly shut down body shamers through her Instagram and achieved amazing accomplishments such as being featured in Sports Illustrated magazine for their 2018 swimsuit issue. Within her, page Majors expresses that traveling, modeling, and having confidence are for all body types. On her Instagram, Majors can be seen exploring the depths of Hawaii as well as modeling for Fashion Nova and other popular clothing brands.

Charli Howard

Charli Howard is an influential body positive Instagrammer, model, author, and owner of her own co-founded organization the All Woman Project. Not only has she released her own novel Misfit, detailing her journey against her eating disorder and how she came to learn to love herself, but she continuously posts positive messages that encourage her followers to love their bodies and fight against the diet industry. Howard is making waves in the body positive community and continues to spark discussion through her stimulating posts.

These incredible influencers are advancing a revolution that will result in an overall increased positive mental state for hundreds of thousands around the world. They are challenging the societally structured ideas of what a body is meant for and what is considered to be beautiful. They not only express that fat bodies can be fit, and everybody is beautiful, but encourage the prioritization of one’s mental health and relationship with their body. So whatever size you are, grab your swimsuit and enjoy the beach because in order to have a beach body all you need to do is put on your swimsuit.

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