JoJo Fletcher’s Clothing Line Is Here & We Are Already Obsessed

The wait is finally over! Former Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher has released her clothing line Fletch on June 13, 2018. She is known to be the best-dressed Bachelorette to date, with a devoted fan base on 2.2 million Instagram followers who are obsessed with her style. Fletcher has spent the last two years perfecting her new clothing line for her fans, which shows a lot of woman empowerment.

“Everything I love about fashion, I put into Fletch,” she told Life & Style.“I’m so passionate about it, and I hope it’s a line that people love and that every piece they put on makes them feel even more beautiful and strong and powerful than they already are.”

The fashion icon is known to take risks and said a lot of her personal style was an inspiration for the looks. She ultimately wants Fletch to become a lifestyle brand and already announced that there will be the a season! The sizes range from XS to XXL with looks for every occasion, which make it accessible for anyone to enjoy the clothing line. Fans can start to shop for their favorite looks at! Here are our favorite looks of the new collection so far.

If You’re Feeling Flirty

This is JoJo’s favorite look in the collection. “I think one that everyone all around will love is the desert mini dress, it’s that vintage, navy floral one that I posted for the very first photo on Fletch’s Instagram,” she explained. “It’s a crowd pleaser, it fits amazing, the quality is great, it forms to your body no matter what size you are, and it’s very flattering, so I think that one will be a hit.”

Purchase the Desert Mini Dress here

If You’re Feeling Sexy

This sexy red jumpsuit is perfect for summer date nights. If you want to impress that guy, we highly suggest this is the look you want to purchase. It is a red-hot poly silk that drapes in a ruched halter blouson bodice with fitted waistband and flared trousers. Get the temperature soaring with this outfit!

Purchase the Mojave Jumpsuit here

If You’re Feeling Casual

You would probably wear this pink cropped sweatshirt every day if you could. Not only is it comfy, but perfects that casual look you are going for. The round neck, long-sleeve, boxy fit in bubblegum pink will make you feel comfortable and fun at the same time!

Purchase the Cali Crop Sweatshirt here

If You’re Feeling Elegant

This sleek white jumpsuit screams modern, elegant and chic. The fitted bodice will show off your curves while the cropped straight-leg trousers will show off your legs. This look will make you feel empowered, just like JoJo wanted you to feel.

Purchase the Abott White Jumpsuit here

Those are our top picks from JoJo’s new clothing line Fletch. Make sure you check out before everything goes out of stock! Trust us, you won’t want to miss this.