Social Media: The New Resume

Social Media is changing the climate of recruiting and the traditional job search, placing more emphasis on effective personal branding.

We no longer live in a world where your paper resume sums up your experience. It’s important that you position your social media platforms to make you a personal branding powerhouse!

Effective personal marketing is of paramount importance in order to land a dream job and attract the right recruiters. This type of marketing is no longer limited to the traditional resume. The job search has expanded its horizons to social media. In fact, social media has become such an integral part of recruiting that 93% of all hiring managers look at a potential candidate’s social profiles before making a final hiring decision.

I like to think of social media as a tool when it comes to jobs, not a hindrance. Social media is a chance to show your creative side, express your authentic opinions, and depict your whole self – allowing friends, family, other followers and potential employers to have a behind the scenes look at who you really are.

Professionals in the job search industry agree. “Write a profile that reads like a marketing brochure highlighting the benefits in detail that someone gets when they hire you rather than a technical manual listing your accomplishments,” says Dave Carvajal, CEO of Dave Partners and Co-Founder of HotJobs. Carvajal places a great deal of emphasis on distinct experience and insight in solving a particular problem set in recruiting.

Carvajal emphasizes that “bosses want to know what you can do, where you’ve done it and how quickly you can do it. It’s your ability to solve bigger and better problems in the world that makes you more valuable.” Recruiting revolves around problem-solving and trying to find the perfect candidate to solve and strategize within a corporate team. Someone who can merge within the fiber of the company, both on a professional and personal level.

So how can you turn your social platforms into personal branding powerhouses?

When the focus on social platforms shifts to spectacular moments versus random thoughts, real-life connections and job opportunities can stem from utilizing Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and more.

Sharing spectacular moments, by creating a consistent and wholesome message, attracts like-minded users to your platforms. Effective personal branding places an emphasis on high quality, appropriate images and content. Telling your story by incorporating elements of both personal and professional life.

For these fantastic opportunities to follow, your personal brand must become your resume. Focus on growing and learning. As Carvajal says, “Disproportionate growth leads to disproportionate learning. Disproportionate learning leads to disproportionate income and everything else that’s good in life.”

Show your distinct experiences and insights by engaging in thoughtful conversations with like-minded individuals on Twitter. Search hashtags that relate to your interests and follow appealing users. Post pictures from your most recent family get-together. Talk about your latest research project. It all comes back to telling your story through social media.

Your accomplishments and skillsets, as well as your tweets, statuses, favorites, are all a part of your modern resume. Taking advantage of this enables you to build your personal brand through each shared experience.

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