The 5 Nail Polish Brands You Should Try This Summer

While the summer is nice and warm we have to make sure that your nails are matching your mood. This summer we are bringing you various kinds of nail polishes you can wear outside in the sun. Below we collected a couple of brands that people are talking about this summer. Each brand will have the color for you so feel free to scroll through their website and order whichever one you love! Keep those nails nice for dates, lunches, and good times while the sun is out.

Bellepok is a kind of nail polish that is cruelty-free and tries not to use as many chemicals in order to be nice and useful for all people. They have many different colors and they are affordable. It is sold in the UK but they don’t mind shipping internationally.

OPI is a well known brand that people love to buy, you can purchase these polishes from anywhere including Walmart and Target. OPI is extremely common and you can find these colors at your local drug store as well, that’s how affordable they are. If you like the colors above you can just order them straight from the OPI website itself or maybe even ask a friend!

Who doesn’t love a nice yellow nail? This bottle of yellow has me feeling sunny and you should definitely get yours. KLPolish is something that you can rely on because not only are their polishes affordable but you can buy multiple colors at a time. So, make sure you get your nails as bright as possible if you can!

Maybe the average everyday acrylic isn’t for you because you are always working or you just want something a bit more permanent. You can rely on this gel brand in order to get your nails nice and shiny! They are known as NailseShop and they can mail your gel polish straight to you. If you don’t have a UV light then you can take the color to your local nail shop.

Do you want sparkly nails? Do you want ombre or glitter? This is just the brand for you. I know that sometimes plain acrylics and gels don’t suffice because you want something new, something shiny, so make sure you check out Zoya! They have all that you may be looking for and then some, I’m sure there is something just for you.

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