Expert Reveals The Worst Alcoholic Drinks For Your Skin, And Red Wine Lovers Are Doomed

With summer starting, we are consuming alcohol much more. Whether it be at happy hour with a glass of rosé or lounging by the pool with a Corona, we have much more opportunities to drink. We are aware that alcohol causes issues such as dehydration, puffiness, and redness but drink anyway. Naturopathic doctor Dr. Isabel Sharkar recently ranked alcoholic drinks for Popsugar. She said the least harmful drinks are clear spirits such as vodka, which clear the body quickly. But the biggest shock was when she revealed that even though red wine has the most “health” benefits out of all the choices of alcohol, it is actually the worst for your skin. Maybe that cocktail wasn’t such a bad choice after all! Here is how Dr. Sharkar explained what each kind of alcohol does to our body and how we are affected by it.

Clear Spirits


Everyone wants that summer glow, but the consumption of alcohol can prohibit that. If you want to drink and save your skin, clear liquors such as gin, vodka and tequila are your best bet. They contain the least additives and are processed by the body quickest. This makes the potential impact on the skin minimized by these kinds of liquors. Dr. Sharkar explained that vodka made from potatoes will leave your body faster than one made from distilled grains. I’ll have a vodka soda with lots of lime, please.

Whiskey And Rum


Darker liquors contain cogeners, which help with the taste and aroma of the liquor. But a study by the BMA found that Bourbon Whiskey is twice as likely to cause a hangover as the same amount of vodka. A hangover can cause dehydration and headache, but worst of all it can cause early aging of the skin. Maybe you should think twice before ordering that jack and coke.



Nothing is more refreshing than sipping on a cold beer during a hot summer day. Beer does make you bloated, but it is not that high in sodium levels. The symptoms are usually swollen eyes and thirsty skin, which will trigger your body to tell you to drink more water. Shockingly, beer does have some good qualities such as antioxidants and other anti-aging benefits. It also has less alcohol than straight liquor. Maybe you should drink that Stella more often.

White Wine


People tend to gravitate to white wine in the summer because of its sweetness and chillness. It does tend to be high in sugar, which can lead to bloating and swollen skin. We rather not look like a balloon while talking to our crush at happy hour, which is why we would skip out on this option.

Red Wine


This alcohol’s side effects might make you shook. We all tend to believe that red wine is the “healthiest” choice of alcohol because it contains antioxidants, linked to reducing the risk of cancer, protecting against heart problems and improving brain function. Why wouldn’t this choice appeal to everyone? Well it is bad news bears for your skin. Red wine can have the most harmful effects on your skin, especially if you have a skin condition that causes redness. The liver and kidneys have to work much harder to process this liquor and is most likely to cause redness, flushing and blotchy skin. Yikes! Maybe we should stick to white after all.



Who doesn’t love sipping on a mimosa at Sunday brunch? Even though we all love our cocktails, the high sugar content can lead to inflammation and can cause major breakout for your skin. Not only can it cause inflammation, but the hangover will probably be even worse than usual due to the high sugar. This will leave your skin looking dull and your eyes weary. Margarita lovers, maybe you should skip out on that cocktail because the sugar and salt can leave your skin puffy. If your skin is inclined to breaking out, we suggest to pick a safer route.

So How Does Alcohol Affect Our Skin?


We’ve all been there after a long night out. The first thing you want to do in the morning is chug a bottle of water. Our body holds on to more water weight due to dehydration, which can lead to the next-day puffiness. Alcohol can also inflame the skin tissue, which can cause redness or a flush look. If we drink too much, we can ultimately damage our skin and break out. Bloating can also be an effect of drinking too much, which is the last thing we want. We aren’t saying to stop drinking totally because that would be merely impossible. But maybe you should think twice before ordering that Moscow mule and opt for a gin and tonic instead. Your body and skin will thank you later!

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