‘Degrassi’ Cast Where Are They Now?





Last night Drake dropped the music video for his single “I’m Upset,” and it was a mini Degrassi: The Next Generation reunion. The music video hit so many notes of nostalgia for the people who knew Drake as Jimmy first. Almost everyone showed up to their old stomping ground and partied it up with the famous rapper.


Not everyone was there for the Degrassi reunion but a lot of heavy hitters were. To top it all off, the video ended with the Degrassi theme song and side-by-side video of the cast from their Degrassi days to now.

So what has the cast of Degrassi been up to? Keep reading to find out.

Jimmy Brooks – Drake


Drake is the most famous of his castmates. While on Degrassi he played Jimmy Brooks. In season three Jimmy got shot in a school shooting, which paralyzed him from the waist down. Since Degrassi Drake has been breaking Billboard records and dropping hit after hit.

Gavin “Spinner” Mason – Shane Kippel


Shane played Spinner, a.k.a. Jimmy’s best friend. Shane was on Degrassi for nine seasons. He came back during the final season along with a few other OG cast members. Now Shane is a musician and plays drums for the band, Dear Love.

Marco Del Rossi – Adamo Ruggiero


Adamo played Marco, a gay teenager who struggled with his sexuality. Since his Degrassi days, Adamo came out himself. After Degrassi, he acted in various plays and movies. His last role was reprising Adamo for a throwback Degrassi episode.

Ellie Nash – Stacey Farber


Stacey played goth girl Ellie on Degrassi. Stacey is still acting and has most recently had cameos in Grace and Frankie, Schitt’s Creek and UnReal. Stacey is booked and busy!

Paige Michalchuk – Lauren Collins


Lauren played Paige, one of Degrassi‘s leading ladies and mean girls. Her mean girl streak eventually softens but not after Paige gives us some iconic lines. Since Degrassi Lauren has continued to act and produce films. She’s in the upcoming film Run This Town with Ben Platt and other Degrassi castmate Nina Dobrev.

Craig Manning – Jake Epstein


Jake played Degrassi‘s resident ladies man Craig. During his time at high school, he had an affair with Manny which led to her getting an abortion, a controversial storyline back in the early 00s. Since Degrassi Jake has starred in a few long-running TV shows like Designated Survivor and Murdoch Mysteries. He sadly doesn’t have an Instagram.

Terri McGreggor – Christina Schmidt


Christina played Terri on Degrassi. On the show, Terri struggled with her self-image and weight. Christina hasn’t acted since Degrassi and instead is a model for plus-size clothing brands. She is also a mom.

Hazel Aden – Andrea Lewis


While on Degrassi Andrea played Hazel. Her character was BFF’s with mean girl Paige and dated Jimmy. Since then Andrea is part of a production company called Jungle Wild TV. The company focuses on showcasing women, people of color and LGBT people.

Ashley Kerwin – Melissa McIntyre


At first, Melissa’s Degrassi character Ashley was the popular girl, but after the first season, she had no friends. Even her boyfriend Jimmy broke up with her. She then becomes goth and befriends Ellie. Then Ashley starts dating Craig who cheats on her with Manny and we all know how that ends. Melissa hasn’t acted since her Degrassi days.

Laura Kwan – LinLyn Lue


LinLyn played Ms. Kwan, an English teacher at Degrassi. Her husband had cancer so she took a leave of absence but ultimately came back. She was always there for the students of Degrassi. Since LinLyn has starred in a few other shows and movies. Most recently she was on The Adventures of Napkin Man! 

Archie ‘Snake’ Simpson – Stefan Brogen


Stefan played Archie otherwise known as Snake on Degrassi. He was the principal of the high school and Emma’s stepdad. Stefan played Snake in every season of Degrassi including when Snake was a student himself on the show.

Rick Murray – Ephram Ellis


Ephram played Rick a kid that Spinner used to bully. He was the school shooter who shot and paralyzed Jimmy. In the music video, the school shooting scene was recreated but when Ephram turns the corner Drake’s friends are there and chase him down. Since Degrassi, he has continued to act and has been on TV shows Family Biz and Murdoch Mysteries.

Toby Issacs – Jake Goldsbie


Jake played Toby on Degrassi. His stepsister on the show was Ashley, she was popular and he was a nerd, you get the picture. His BFF J.T. was murdered on the show. Now Jake works at The Score and writes for sports podcasts.

Derek Haig – Marc Donato


On Degrassi, Marc played Derek. Derek was a troubled kid always pushing people’s buttons. After Degrassi, he starred in a few TV movies and appeared in various TV shows. It’s unclear what he does now but his YouTube channel shows him surfing and snowboarding.

Danny Van Zandt – Dalmar Abuzeid


On Degrassi Dalmar played Danny, Derek’s best friend. He was also Liberty’s younger brother on the show. Since Degrassi Dalmar has continued to act. he stars in the TV series Crawford and Netflix show Anne With An E.

Connor Deslauriers – AJ Saudin


AJ played Connor on Degrassi. Connor was a nerdy kid with behavioral issues. AJ hasn’t acted since Degrassi. Now he’s a musician and goes by his last name, Saudin.

Jason Mewes


Jason made cameos on Degrassi with his partner in crime Kevin Smith. He played Jay a drug dealer who didn’t go to Degrassi. Jason has had a successful acting career. It was recently announced that Jay and Silent Bob will be getting a reboot.

Kevin Smith


Kevin Smith had a recurring role as Silent Bob with Jason. The two played drug dealers. Kevin went on to produce numerous successful movies, shows and documentaries.

Emma Nelson – Miriam McDonald


Miriam played Emma, one of the main characters on Degrassi. Emma’s stepfather was Snake the principal of the school. Since Degrassi Miriam has appeared on Lost Girl and Orphan Black.

Manny Santos – Cassie Steele


Cassie played Manny on Degrassi. A sweet girl who began to prioritize being popular over everything. Paige grows to be her rival and who can ever forget that iconic thong scene? Since Degrassi, Cassie has been on The L.A. Complex and voiced multiple characters on Rick and Morty.

Mia Jones – Nina Dobrev


Before Vampire Diaries Nina played Mia on Degrassi. Mia was a model who just moved to the new school. She had a kid when she was 13 and had to put her modeling dreams on hold. Since leaving the show Nina has had a successful career as an actress.

Liberty Van Zandt – Sarah Barrable-Tishauer


Sarah played the smart goody two shoe Liberty. When she was 15, she got pregnant with J.T.’s baby, which they ultimately gave up for adoption. Sarah isn’t acting anymore she’s a DJ under the name Me Time.

Jane Vaughn – Paula Brancati


Paula portrayed Jane, a Lakehurst transfer student who ended up at Degrassi. She iconically played football on the boy’s team. Since her Degrassi days, Paula has stuck to acting. She’s recently been in Sadie’s Last Days on Earth, What Would Sal Do, Slasher and Edging.


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