Cool Off This Summer By Eating The Best Ice Cream In NYC

Whether it’s to cool off during the summer or to show off on Instagram, ice cream in New York City is perfection. There are different styles of ice cream from around the world, and original flavors you can’t find anywhere else. Even though there are dozens of ice cream stores in the city, here are ten unique creameries to visit:

Taiyaki NYC

Taiyaki literally means “fried fish” in Japanese. Though these cones are shaped like fish they are sweet, chewy waffle cones filled with red bean paste or custard.

Dominique Ansel Kitchen

Dominique Ansel is an award-winning pastry chef known for his creative desserts. He also has a bakery in addition to his kitchen. One of his popular summer creations at Dominique Ansel Kitchen is his watermelon soft serve served inside a watermelon. If this doesn’t sound like summer, I don’t know what does.


Wowfulls uses 1950s bubble egg waffles from Hong Kong. They also serve at Smorgasbord in Brooklyn during the summer.

Big Gay Ice Cream

In 2009, Big Gay Ice Cream started out in a seasonal food truck. Now they have several stores in Manhattan, and they sell pints of ice cream in addition to their soft serve cones.


Davey’s Ice Cream specializes in flavors that were childhood favorites: strawberry, chocolate, and cookies and cream. They also have ice cream sandwiches with homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Ice and Vice

If you can’t choose between ice cream and cake, Ice and Vice is the place for you. They put an entire slice of cake on top of one scoop of ice cream in a cone.

Momofuku Milk Bar

Do you remember drinking the milk at the bottom of the cereal bowl? Well, imagine that milk became a soft serve ice cream flavor and that is Momofuku.

Soft Swerve

Soft Swerve has four bold soft serve flavors: ube purple yam, matcha green tea, macapuno, and black sesame. You can also swirl two flavors. The ube purple yam is the most popular flavor, and when they say purple, they mean purple. This soft serve is a gorgeous lavender, and will definitely add color to your Instagram.


Rolled ice cream is a Thai street food classic made on a cold plate that is -10 degrees Fahrenheit.


Oddfellows pairs classic and unconventional flavors to create one-of-a-kind ice cream. Some include Chorizo Caramel Swirl, Beet Goat Cheese and Candied Pistachio, and Tobacco Smoked Chili and Huckleberry.

Try to go to all of them while the weather is still hot!

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