Stefano Gabbana Isn’t Backing Down From Cyber Bullying Selena Gomez

On June 3 designer Stefano Gabbana from Dolce & Gabbana called Selena Gomez ugly on Instagram. The Catwalk Italia posted a collage of Gomez on Instagram. Gabbana not subtly slid into the comments and wrote, “She’s so ugly!!!” On the same photo, someone else commented, “looks like a Pomeranian dog,” to which Gabbana responded, “hahahahahaha is true hahahaha.”

Since his unprovoked mean comments, Gomez fans have come for Gabbana. They have been flooding his Instagram with hateful comments and remarks. Gabbana has the ability to turn off his comments but hasn’t yet because it appears that he lives for the drama.

According to Yahoo Gabbana doesn’t feel bad about the comments he made about Gomez. On top of sharing the cancer comment on his Instagram feed, he has been posting screenshots of his original comment with “MY NAME IS SELENA!!! #saysorrytome.”

Not only is Gabbana doubling down on his “ugly” comment, but he’s also going out of his way to taunt her fans who are defending her. Yes, some of her fans are writing equally nasty things on his photos, but still this doesn’t need to get petty. If he turned off his comments and waited a few months this would all be over.

It’s doubtful that Gabbana will apologize and see his problematic ways. He recently reposted an article with the headline, “Dolce and Gabbana are rich, extravagant and politically incorrect. You got a problem with that?”

Also, the #saysorrytome is an old hashtag that was used against Gabbana. In October 2017 the Instagram account @diet_prada shared an image claiming that Dolce & Gabbana was copying Gucci’s aesthetics. The account is dedicated to calling out fashion copycats, so this wasn’t out of the norm.

Gabbana sounded off in the comments of the photo. In the now deleted exchange, Gabbana wrote, “Darling, I make this job from 32 years, we made all this world in the ’90…. so, if you are ignorant is much better for you don’t say anything about this image… Gucci copy us in many different way!!! This is one of…please say sorry to me!!”

After that exchange Diet Prada created merch with, #PleaseSaySorryToMe scrolled across the chest. And to top it all off 205% of the proceeds go to Nest Egg Foundation, a non-profit that helps with virto fertilization for LGBT parents.

Domenico Dolce and Gabbana have spoken out about children born through IVF. They said that IVF children are “children of chemistry, synthetic children.” The designing duo then said that it’s unnatural for LGBT couples to have children because being gay they chose not to have a family.

Gomez has yet to speak out about Gabbana’s comment.

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