Top 5 Best Apps That Help Balance Mental Health

Focusing on improving our mental health is way easier said than don. As much as you say you want to focus on self-improvement it all comes down to the choices you make and how often you implement them in your day-to-day life. Trust me I get how busy everyone’s lives are, and most of the time it’s your own needs that get placed on the back-burner.

Since our smartphones play such huge roles in our lives to begin with, adding an app to it that can better yourself seems like a no-brainer. While no amount of technology promises to make everything better, there are some apps which can help to ease the everyday stresses of conditions such as anxiety, depression, OCD and many more.

Track Your Mood : Remente

This app focuses on helping you manage day-to-day tasks by first assessing how happy you are with life. It also identifies the areas that you want to improve and sets manageable goals for you to achieve. The app also lets you track your mood and provides you with insightful courses in different areas of life. While many of us might associate our phones with stress and distraction, Remente aims to provide a happy place that’s just at the tip of your fingers, helping you stay calm and relaxed whenever you might need it throughout the day.

Sleeping Problems: Sleepio

Sleep is an essential component in our lives. In fact, not getting enough sleep has been linked to developing depression and increasing anxiety levels. Sleepio can help you fall asleep faster, improve the overall quality of your sleep and know what lifestyle changes you should make to sleep better.

Meditate On The Go: Buddhify

No matter what you are doing, whether that’s waking up, taking a five-minute break at work, trying to get to sleep or simply feeling overwhelmed, this app will provide you with meditation sessions tailored to any situations. From over 80 tracks, you are bound to find something to help you deal with your emotions and feelings, no matter what they are.

Help With OCD: nOCD

>nOCD is a tool designed to work in conjunction with Mindfulness and Exposure Response Prevention Therapy which is a treatment commonly used to help those who’ve been diagnosed with OCD. As well as making various elements of the behavioral treatment more effective, efficient, and convenient, the app also helps by gathering data and metrics about your personal circumstance.

Breathing Exercises: Breathe2Relax

This app that can help you manage stress whenever you most need, whether you’re on your daily commute, at work or at home. The app allows you to record and visualize your current stress levels and then provides you with breathing exercises, giving you a quick and effective way of dealing with any stressful situation.

No one should feel so overwhelmed that they don’t have enough time to focus on themselves. These apps are designed so that even the smallest amounts of free time in your day can help you make improvements.

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