This Company Will Pay You To Instagram Photos Of Dogs All Summer

Do you love dogs? Do you know how to take photos? Do you love traveling? Then this internship is totally right for you, in fact, it might be your dream job. The Points Guy, Brian Kelly is hiring a “Barketing Associate” for the company’s dogs’ Instagram The Points Pups.

The summer internship will be following out the Points Pups, Miles, Hootie and Swisher, while they travel around the world. The intern will help with the dogs’ social media engagement, doing research on traveling with pets, traveling with the Points Pups and writing some content for The Points Guys.

“At the end of your internship, not only will we walk away lifelong pals, but you’ll also have helped build our extensive pet travel report — a guide that looks at the best hotels, airlines and more for pet travel,” the job description states.

The best part is that the internship is paid. That’s right, PAID! So not only will you be traveling, taking pictures of pups and learning marketing skills, but you will be receiving lots of coin. “Being The Points Pups summer intern will pay you $20 per hour, with a flexible minimum time commitment of 25-40 hours per week.”

Right now The Points Pups Instagram has 11,400 followers. All three dogs are french bulldogs and are too cute for Insta. The Points Guy is a travel website and Instagram dedicated to “maximizing your travel.” This Points Pups Barketing Associate will help the site build its pet-friendly guides, pet travel trips, best pet hotels and airplanes.

The internship is based in New York City and you just need to send in a resume and video of why you are the perfect candidate.

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