10 Time-Saving Cooking Hacks You Should Be Doing

Cooking is supposed to be fun and relaxing with a rewarding treat at the end, but sometimes recipes can take way more time than you wanted them to. Nowadays people are all about fast and convenience when it comes to their food, which means taking shortcuts as often as you can.

We have put together 10 of the best time-saving cooking hacks you should have started doing a long time ago. Check these out and add them into your cooking routine and see how much time you can save cooking.

Perfect Potato Wedges

Everyone loves a good potato wedge, but usually, you can only get them while you’re out to eat or out of a frozen bag. You can try to fuss with cutting a potato with a knife and trying to get that perfect wedge shape, but ain’t nobody got time for that. Instead, use an apple slicer and watch your potato turn into perfect little wedges every time.

It will look like you put a lot more time into slicing your potatoes than you really did and with a little bit of salt and pepper they will tase just like you ordered them from a restaurant.

Peeling Hard-Boiled Eggs

Have you ever peeled a hard-boiled egg and it turned into a total disaster? Sometimes peeling them can be tricky and leave you with hardly anything left but the yolk to eat. Try placing your egg with the shell still on it and shake it up in a glass.

It might be intimidating at first but if you just give it a few good shakes your egg will be perfectly peeled and ready to enjoy every time.


Kiwi + Spoon = Perfection

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Something simple for a change🥝

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Instead of taking the skin off a kiwi with just a knife try using a spoon. Start by slicing the ends off your kiwi, stick your spoon right under the skin and spin your spoon all the way around. You will have a perfect and ready to eat kiwi every time without accidentally cutting off chunks of kiwi trying to get the skin off. It is super quick and gives you the entire kiwi to enjoy.

Shredded Chicken

No one wants to take the time shredding chicken with your hands or even a couple of forks. It’s time-consuming and very tedious work that you could totally be avoiding. Take out your kitchen mixer, stick all your cooked chicken in the bowl and turn it on. The mixers will do all the shredding work.

Just make sure your chicken is still warm and tender when you start to mix it that way it doesn’t get too tough for the mixers to tear right through them.

Hulling Strawberries

Usually, you just cut off the top off a strawberry to get the stem off right? Well to save some of the cut off strawberry and get the stem off clean every time try using a straw instead. Just poke your straw through the bottom of the strawberry and push up until it pokes out the top and you will have a perfectly hulled strawberry every time.

Not to mention everyone will be asking you how you got the strawberries to look so professional and stemless without any effort at all.


Separating Eggs


Whether you’re baking and just need the egg yolk or you’re making a healthy breakfast of only egg whites separating eggs can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. You can try the old trick of cracking an egg and moving the yolk from one half of the shell to the other, but sometimes that doesn’t always work out so well. Instead, try taking a used water bottle and suck up the yolk by squeezing the bottle, lift the bottle upright and then let your yolk out wherever it needs to go.

It’s a super simple and foolproof way to separate your eggs without having to mess up time after time wasting precious cooking time.

Baking Veggies

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How I veggie prep!!! any veggies will do but I used •2 plantains •1 sweet potato •1 carrot •1 bag of Brussels sprouts because I’m experimenting with a more paleo approach these next couple weeks & upping my healthy plant based carb game 🙌🍠🥕🍌🥦🍽 . . I spray everything with coconut oil & season with salt, pepper. I added a splash of balsamic vinegar on the Brussels sprouts and some curry on half the plantains & cinnamon on the other half. Use your favorite seasonings! 🤗 Bake at 350 degrees for 30 mins ( I flipped my plantains & sweet potatoes half way) This can be cooking while you’re cooking other stuff for the week ( like chicken, tempeh, pasta, rice, etc) #multitasking This here will last a few days as additions to bowls or salads! Try it!

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With veggies now coming in frozen and microwavable bags, people have stopped buying fresh vegetables to cook anymore. It can be more time consuming to prepare raw vegetables and less convenient than just sticking a bag in the microwave, but by doing that you’re losing key nutrients and aren’t getting the full flavor that you could be.

To cut your cooking time almost in half, try preheating your oven with the baking sheet already in there. Once the oven is pre-heated take the baking sheet out and place your veggies on the sheet. This will not only make them cook faster since the pan is already hot, but you also won’t have to flip your vegetables and they will still get nice and cooked evenly on both sides.

Soften Butter

Softening butter can take a lot of time, especially if you’re just setting it out to get to room temperature. Instead of waiting on your butter to soften, stick a warm glass over your designated amount and watch it soften in minutes.

Stick your glass in the microwave with some water in it and let it go for about a minute or two. After that, stick the glass upside down over the butter, and in just 2 minutes your butter will be soft enough to serve perfectly with your meal.


Roasted Garlic In A Jiffy

Nothing tastes and smells better than roasted garlic on a piece of bread for dinner. However, roasting garlic can take at least 45 minutes to bake in the oven before it is ready to be served. Instead of wasting your time cooking garlic instead of eating it, try roasting it in the microwave.

Combine your garlic, olive oil and water in a microwave-safe bowl for about seven minutes, and when it’s done, you will have perfectly roasted garlic in a fraction of the time.

Batter Splatter No More


You’ve been in a situation where you’re mixing batter using your hand mixer, and you hit that one spot and the batter goes all over the place. Now you have a kitchen to deep clean once you’re done with cooking, and no one wants to take the time to do that.

To avoid your batter from exploding everywhere stick a paper plate through the mixers and that way your batter will be kept inside the mixing bowl and not all over your nice kitchen walls, you’ll thank us later.

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