5 Weird Beer Flavors To Try This Summer

Summertime drinks usually mean fruity and refreshing cocktails and light shandy beer, but what about pizza beer or chocolate, banana, peanut butter beer? That’s right there are many different brands of beer that are starting to stray away from typical summer beer flavors and creating one of a kind flavors that you wouldn’t even believe.

We have put together 5 of the weirdest beer flavors you have to try out this summer season. They might look intimidating, but don’t knock em till you try them, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Pizza Beer

Pizza, one of the most delicious food groups there is, just kidding, but it sure is one of the most delicious foods ever invented. Add a nice cold beer to your meal and who wouldn’t be in heaven, but what if you could combine the two flavors into one delicious drink? That’s right pizza beer is real folks, and it is made out of actual pizza.

It is called “Mamma Mia Pizza Beer” and was created by Tom and Athena Seefurth in their at home brewery in Illinois. They take their margarita pizza and steep it like a tea. They also use pizza crust, tomato, basil, garlic, and other typical pizza spices to create this insane creation. There really isn’t much to say other than, you have to try this beer!

Hello Kitty Beer

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:啤酒頭釀造╳HELLO KITTY . 😅純粹抱著這批酒應該會絕版不再版(個人感覺)收藏酒標心情來蒐集這系列,沒想到買了二支後才發現竟然有四種口味!!沒辦法!說好的喝好喝滿!至少口感嘛(咳咳)……. . 只能說:喝完沒有驚豔倒是有些許驚嚇,沒喝到不會可惜;唯有酒精度十分明顯。(純粹個人感覺) . 🍏蘋果香橙 330ml 6.3% 🌹愛戀玫瑰 330ml 6.3% 🍒覆盆櫻桃 330ml 6.3% 🍓紅莓香橙 330ml 6.3% . #hellokitty #hellokittybeer #sanrio #ハローキティ #헬로키티 #日本三麗鷗SANRIO #啤酒頭HELLOKITTY #fruitbeer #beer #ビール #맥주 #台湾ビール #クラフトビール #ビールクズ #ビール最高 #เบียร์ #craftbeer #taiwan #精釀啤酒 #啤酒頭 #啤酒頭釀造 #taiwanheadbrewers #taiwancraftbeer #一天一啤酒 #一生懸啤 #台湾 #iPhone

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Who remembers their childhood and having at least a few Hello Kitty items in their home? Well, your childhood meets your adult life with this beer creation. Hello Kitty beer comes in many different flavors like banana, apple, passionfruit, peach, lemon-lime and more. It was created for those who enjoy a more fruity and refreshing drink but still enjoy the aroma of drinking a beer.

With American beer content being around 5% alcohol the Hello Kitty beer only contains about half; ranging from 2.3% to 2.8%. It is currently only being sold in Taiwan and China but seems to be trying to make its way to the United States very soon.


Peeps Beer

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It's Easter and that's important to some people, so I figured I'd head on down to @tapsandcapslewisville and try the beer that has everyone talking. "Peep This Collab", a beer brewed by the team at @tapsandcaps and the crew at @cbpfortworth, is taking the craft beer social media pages by storm. It's a sour beer brewed with Peeps. Yes…those Peeps. The sugary, marshmallow candy that is covered in glitter and makes an appearance every Spring. I, for one, can't stand the candy, but everyone else seems to like them (probably because of nostalgia). Hell, even Roseanne is eating them in the premiere episode of the show's comeback. However, I don't eat cheap Ramen noodles either and @cbpfortworth made a fantastic beer out of those, so I figured why not try the Peeps beer? And you know what…It's not bad. It is VERY tart, but full of flavor. I'm not good at, nor do I like, describing beers, but I'd drink this again. Although, maybe in less than 16oz next time. I love it when breweries think outside of the box and try new things. If you're in an area where you can get this beer then I highly recommend you try it out. If you're not then have someone bring you a crowler of it. My only complaint is that they didn't have a Peep to put on top of my beer. It would've made for a better picture and then would've promptly been thrown in the trash, where it belongs.

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It can be Easter in the summer, right? Well, it’s going to be with this new Peeps flavored beer. The Collective Brewing Project created “Peep This Collab” in collaboration with Lone Star Taps & Caps based out of Texas. The beer is made with over 30 boxes of Peeps brewed with butterfly pea powder and given a lemon vanilla sour blend to create the ultimate Peep flavored drink.

Its beautiful purple color will make you immediately gravitated towards it and most likely snap a picture before you take your first sip. Try it this summer and maybe even bring it to Easter next year for everyone to try.

Chocolate, Banana & Peanut Butter Ale

You can create almost anything delicious with the flavor combination of chocolate, banana and peanut butter, so why not turn it into a beer? Rogue Ales created this beer in collaboration with Voodoo Doughnut to pay tribute to their famous Elvis inspired doughnut, “Memphis Mafia.”

The rich flavors of the chocolate and peanut butter mixed with the fruity taste of the banana make it a perfect combination for a perfect summer ale. Grab yourself a beer and a doughnut for the ultimate chocolate, banana and peanut butter goodness.


Creme Brulee Stout

Sticking with the decedent theme, why not try out a Creme Brulee flavored beer. Southern Tier Brewing Company took the flavors of British burn cream and Spanish crema Catalana that inspired the classic French crème brûlée. They took these flavors and created a dessert style beer infused with vanilla beans to give it that sweet and creamy taste.

This beer is also considered a stout, stouts tend to hold a higher alcohol content, and this beer is no exception. The Creme Brulee beer has an alcohol content of 10% so, by all means, enjoy this delicious beer, but be extra responsible for this one.

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