The 7 Perfect Places To Go On Vacation With Your BFF

Are you craving more and more adventure with each Insta travel pic that you scroll past? Do you want to make amazing new courageous memories with your best friend? Look below to see seven adventures that you and your bestie should add to your mutual bucket list.

1.Beach on black sand in Greece

After landing in Greece and automatically reenacting Mama Mia! head on over to the unique black sand beaches of Santorini. Lean back in your beach chairs and soak up the sun while looking out at a crystalline deep blue ocean. Feel the beautiful island breeze and sing Dancing Queen while making black sand sandcastles. Of course, falafel wraps later is a requirement.

2. Turn into mermaids in Thailand

It’s time for the most instagrammable spot in BFF vacay history. If you and your BFF have always and forever claimed to be mermaids, or nostalgically watched H2O or Aquamarine together, then it’s time to unleash who you really are in Bangkok, Thailand’s mermaid cafe. Not only will the cafe let you borrow your own mermaid tail ( you always knew that if you were a mermaid you would have a blue tail!), but they also have super cute desserts for #mermaidsonly. Enjoy cupcakes that are specifically for mer-people like you and your best friend and revel in your days of being Ariel for Halloween.

3. Go glamping in Kenya

Okay so you and your bestie love the outdoors and crave adventure, but you hate bugs and want to lay on a plush and comfy mattress instead of a cold and slightly wet tarp? Glamping has all of the fun parts of camping without the mess. Picture this: A huge tent, two cozy beds, and no dirt. Add your own twist onto glamping and wake up gracefully to a gorgeous African horizon while witnessing the grazing of giraffes in the distance.  Laikipia, Kenya does not have the words “roughing it” in their dictionary when it comes to glamping.

4. Head to Heaven on Earth in Bolivia

You and your best friend are aesthetic angels so why not go to heaven on earth? Imagine being able to see a million stars under your feet. Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is home to some of the most breathtaking salt flats in the world. A thin layer of water is spread across the salt flats of Salar de Uyuni creating the biggest mirror that you’ve ever seen. Look down and see the beautiful sunset resting in the sky reflected directly below you in bold colors and perfect clarity.

5.Have a steamy spa day with monkeys in Japan

Deep within the Jigokudani valley in Yamanouchi, Japan,  the cutest and most relaxing activity is taking place. Hundreds flock to see the Macaque monkeys of Japan enjoy their spa day. Known as “Snow monkeys” the inhabitants of the Jigokudani valley are just like you and your best friend when you need a #selfcare day. Sit back and relax into tranquility while witnessing adorable and hilarious monkeys do the same.

6.Explore the ice caves of Iceland

Bring out your Pinterest app because this is definitely going to need to be on your “most enchanting places I’ve ever been” board.  Journey to Vatnajökull, Iceland with your best friend in order to feel like a true Elsa from Frozen. Explore the ice caves and revel in this literally cool moment with your BFF.

7. Gallivant with the glow worms of New Zealand

If you want to feel like you’re under a thousand blue glowing stars then you definitely want to make the trip to the North Island of New Zealand in order to see the famous glow worm caves. You can’t really even think of them as worms, but more like living blue Christmas lights. You and your BFF will forget that you’re in a cave surrounded by worms, and instead feel like you’re spending time under a starry night sky.

Whether you’re on a glamorous safari throughout the plains of Africa or trekking through a steamy pool surrounded by carefree monkeys, making travel plans with your best friend is definitely essential on anyone’s bucket list.

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