This New Eyebrow Method Will Cut Your Morning Routine In Half

Ah, filling in your eyebrows. Nothing screams more of a waste of time to your added morning routine. Let’s face it, every woman who wasn’t blessed with perfect eyebrows fills them in before they step out to start their day. Some women even do popular brow treatments such as tinting and tattooing because they do not want to fill their brows in every damn morning. Well if you don’t like those options, there is another treatment that will save you big time.

“Henna is the new go-to treatment for women who no longer want to fill in their brows but do not want a permanent tattoo”, said celebrity brow specialist Amy Jean Linnehan, of Amy Jean Brow Agency.

She gives her clients a fuller brow appearance in less than 15 minutes. Talk about a huge game changer.

According to Linnehan, this alternative will give you bold, beautifully-sculpted eyebrows for weeks at a time. How does this not sound appealing?!

“Anyone can try henna if they would like a little-added definition in their brows,” she said. “It creates a background shadowing that stains the skin more effectively than regular tinting. If a client is apprehensive about tattooing this is a fabulous alternative or ‘warm up’ to not over overcommit and try out a new shape or color for a few weeks.”

This brow alternative will give clients a fuller brow appearance in less than 15 minutes, as the henna will stain the skin. This will last up to three weeks depending on your skin type and lifestyle.

Linnehan explained that regular tinting dyes the brow hairs more effectively but henna tinting stains the skin under the brow hairs to create an illusion of fullness. The colour will fade away faster for people who have oily skin or use very active ingredients in their skincare routine.

Wondering how they actually do the routine?

“We simply mix the henna powder with water to a desired depth of color and soak the skin ad hair in the pre-determined shape,” she said. “The processing time is longer than regular tinting; usually 10 to 15 minutes and there is a vast array of tones to choose from.”

It’s time to ditch those pencils and start booking your appointments for this life-changing brow experience. Not only will it cut your morning routine in half, but your brows will look more full and luscious than ever before. It is safe, not permanent and lasts for three weeks at a time. If that does not convince you to get this treatment, we don’t know what will!