5 Things Every College Student Should Do The Summer Before Senior Year



It’s your final summer before college graduation — so you better make the most of it.

By this time next year, summer may have a whole new meaning. Rather than a months-long break from responsibility, it’ll just be warmer outside — most jobs and internships don’t exactly halt operations from June through August. (And yes, teaching looks more and more appealing with each thought.)

So before you owning your career, it’s time to have the best summer of your life. Make sure to add these five must-dos to your summer bucket list.

1. Go to a Music Festival

It’s easy to talk yourself out of going to a four-day concert: camping sucks, it’s expensive, and it’s full of dehydrated drunk teenagers. These are all true, but everyone should experience a music festival at least once — and in your early 20s is the perfect time to do it.

Gather up a group of friends and throw your cares away for a weekend of fun and music. Even if you’re not a concert person, there’s plenty to do that has nothing to do with shows, from comedy performances to film screenings to simply grabbing a beer in the sun. And make sure to bring plenty of phone chargers so you can cherish your memories for years to come.

2. Go on a Road Trip

Since you’re not making the big bucks just yet, plane tickets may be out of the question. But what’s stopping you and a few close pals from loading up the car and taking off?

Pick an awesome destination and find out what cool stops you can make along the way. Don’t stress too hard about planning — some of your best discoveries (like amazing antique shops or delicious eateries) will likely come from seeing where the road takes you.

3. Watch the Sunrise or Sunset at the Beach

There’s truly nothing more magical than seeing the sun rise out of the ocean in the morning…or dip into the sea at night. Check your weather forecast and set your alarm for a clear day…because we promise, you won’t have as many opportunities to do so once the real world has a hold of you.

4. Stay Up All Night

Sleep becomes a precious commodity as an adult — so take advantage of not needing it now. Plan a no-sleep, up-all-night party with your closest pals full of games, drinks, and storytelling until the sun comes up. (And make sure to cancel all plans for the following day.)

5. Spend the Entire Day at an Amusement Park or Water Park

Theme parks are usually the least busy on weekdays, so gather up some pals and ride the rides before adulthood kicks in. No matter how old you are, there’s nothing like screaming your lungs out on a roller coaster or laughing as you speed down a water slide. And don’t you dare leave until you’re kicked out!

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