Barista Tipping Etiquette: Don’t Do It…Here Is Why

Baristas always make a big deal about how hard their job is. I mean, all they do is pour coffee for us, right? Talk about a non-stress task. Not to mention, their customers are the most loyal and kind people on the planet. Really, what is there to complain about when all they do is just stand there and serve us an iced latte? Here are 10 reasons you should never tip your Barista, like ever.

1. Their job could be done by a 2-year-old with their eyes closed.


2. Their job consists of just pouring coffee for people.

When you serve a customer their latte and they say “oh I wanted this iced…” #baristaprobs

— Andrea Velez (@avelez_41) June 12, 2018

3. They have the best hours.

Here's to waking up when my alarm goes off! #baristaprobs #finalsweek

— Melissa Anne (@melissahardtke) December 11, 2012

4. They never have to stress about their job.

Hahahahah #baristaprobs @kellyagould @validness (:(:

— Maria Wittman (@maria_nicole94) September 1, 2012

5. Their customers are not difficult at all.

A lady today asked for a latte and brought it back in because she’s allergic to coffee. Another lady ordered two extra shots of espresso in her coffee then asked if I could pour some of it out and add more milk because it was really strong… today’s been weird. #baristaprobs

— Jordan LeRoy (@JordanLeroy) May 5, 2018

6. They don’t do more than they have to.

Some #prettycoffee I made today 🙂

— Sean Bartley (@SeanBartley) February 28, 2017

7. They don’t care about their customers.

Bought a girls drink today she cried &hugged me because no one has ever done that for her before 😭💚#itsthelittlethings #starbucksbarista

— findingmajestic (@majesticlara) July 24, 2016

8. They are so rude.


Me: Here you go ma’am, Iced Caramel Macchiato

Customer: oh, I wanted this hot

Me: So sorry! I must’ve heard Iced!

Customer: No, I️ ordered the Iced Caramel Macchiato but I want it hot


— B (@Brianaa2014) November 28, 2017

9. They get a ton of great perks.

All of my clothes smell like coffee & syrups 🙃🙃 #BaristaProbs

— chey 🦀 (@cheyennemlupo) December 19, 2017

10. So keep that extra change in your pocket because clearly your barista doesn’t need it.

#dearcustomer if you are horribly ill, please stay home + send someone else out for coffee. I can't afford time off #baristaprobs

— Xmasta BaristⒶ🏴 (@AnarchoBarista) May 28, 2017

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