Prepare Your Wallets: Shoppable Instagram Stories Are Coming

Prepare your wallets, because shoppable Instagram stories are coming! On June 12th, Instagram announced the introduction of shoppable stories, which allows brands to tag their stories with the specific products featured in them. When curious followers click on the tag, they are provided more information about the product, including a purchase link on the brand’s website.

In-app shopping is not anything new for Instagram. In November of 2016, the social media platform first introduced its in-feed shopping experience. Less than a year later, it rolled out a version featuring business analytics. “Action buttons,” which debuted in May of 2018, allow users to purchase tickets or to make restaurant reservations directly on businesses’ profiles.

With Instagram’s focus on users “living their best lives,” adding shopping functionalities to the application seems like a no-brainer and an easy way to turn impulse into cold, hard cash. Imagine opening a brand’s story to see a unicorn pool float that you never knew that you need, but now you can’t live without. In a few clicks, it’s yours.

According to Instagram, these shopping options are all about turning “discovery into action.” Additionally, the company has stated that it “does not charge businesses for shopping capabilities.”


Temporary Instagram stories began appearing on the social media platform in August of 2016 using a format, ahem, “borrowed” from Snapchat. In 2018, Instagram story usage is dominating that of Snapchat, with Instagram reporting that 300 million people use Instagram stories every day. Oh, how the tables of have turned.

Before the introduction of shoppable Instagram stories, story creation was reportedly considered by some brands to be a waste of time and resources. Story creation proved to be too inconvenient due to the overwhelming number of filters, stickers, tags and need for a narrative. Monetizing followers’ interaction could provide businesses with a greater incentive to invest time into the application.

Keep an eye out and your wallet closeby! Before long you too will be able to shop from select brands in Instagram stories.

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