Top 10 Must-Haves To Bring To Pride

Celebrating Pride month can really be a blast, BUT if you’re a novice to celebrating Pride month it can be a struggle. It’s only right that you take the necessary steps and precautions to adequately prepare to celebrate Pride across the country.

As with any festival, there is a list of essentials you must not forget when heading over the rainbow to party. So, to prep you beforehand, here are 10 things you should always remember to bring when attending Pride.

1. A Cute AF Sign

Whether you’re looking to make a statement or want to support a loved one, a sign for Pride is a sign for love.

2. An Open Mind

If this is your first time ever celebrating or participating in Pride, it can be a bit overwhelming and eye-opening. Make sure you keep an open mind and remain respectful to any and everyone. This is the LGBTQ+ community’s time to celebrate and be unapologetically themselves so if you have a closed-mind or have differing views, you may want to skip this one and educate yourself.

3. A Fanny Pack

Keep it cute and store all the necessities you’ll be carrying in a stylish fanny pack. A book bag is also a great option if fanny packs aren’t your thing.

4. A Bangin’ Playlist

Pride is not a Pride without a pumping pregame playlist! Get in the mood with your favorite bangers before you hit the streets.

5. Your Dancing Shoes

Sure you can “walk it like you talk it” during Pride but where’s the fun in that? If you plan on hitting the Pride streets, wear comfortable shoes/sneakers that you can dance in.

6. A Flag

Show everyone your true colors with a rainbow flag, and don’t be shy, to let your rainbow flag fly!

7. Water

Since you’re probably gonna be spending all day and night dancing your ass off and celebrating, staying hydrated is key. Carry a few bottles of water to avoid getting dehydrated while you’re out.

8. Sunscreen

There’s nothing cute about getting sunburned after partying during Pride so make sure that before you head out you pack some sunscreen.

9. A Colorful Outfit

If there ever was a time where pretty much anything goes in terms of the dress code–Pride is it, so have fun with your outfit! Don’t be afraid to play with color. Be bold, be colorful and, of course, make it fabulous!

10. Your Pride!

natural hair, curly hair

Pride month is a time where the LGBTQ+ community is celebrated so make sure that you take some time to celebrate everyone in your community. You should feel proud of who and what you are, so show that off PROUDLY.


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