This New Harry Potter Collection Is Magical

I’ve got some fantastic news for all of you fellow Potterheads out there: Torrid has come out with a variety of new Harry Potter-based fashions. According to the website, their 39 piece collection is “for wizards, witches and muggles alike” and includes pretty much anything a girl could ever want. Accio wallet, because I’m ready to buy everything on this site.

In addition to your typical clothing staples–a bunch of super cute Hogwarts-themed t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops and shorts–this collection goes above and beyond by incorporating other pieces of clothing and wildly cool accessories. Now you can wear the Marauder’s Map on a scuba skirt, sports bra and leggings. You can live your best life by strutting down the street in a Patronus trench coat, carrying all of your stuff in a Hogwarts Express purse or a lightning bold backpack. You can demonstrate your love for the series in an obvious way by ordering Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw suspenders, or you can do so more subtly by purchasing some Deathly Hallows socks and several pairs of Potter-inspired panties. Yes, there are even panties.

Torrid sells clothing and lingerie for plus-sized women, marketing themselves as “fashion for sizes 10 to 30” and has come out with a variety of pop culture collections. They sell merchandise related to the Star Wars franchise, Doctor Who, Avengers, and several other fandoms, so if you like what you see on the Harry Potter page, it’s worth checking out the other sections of the website.

The clothes and accessories in Torrid’s new Harry Potter collection are not only awesome but also affordable. Everything is currently under $100, with some products as low as $11.90, and if you look at the website right now, a bunch of things are on sale! The clothes are available in sizes M-6X and you can find them in stores or online, so the universe is basically begging you to buy some.

You can click here to see the entire collection, or you can scroll through the gallery above to look at some of the most magical designs that Torrid has to offer.