5 Types Of Selfies Kylie Jenner Mastered Way Before National Selfie Day

Get out your cameras everyone because it’s National Selfie Day and it’s time to celebrate! Even if you didn’t know, June 21st holds a special place in all of our inner selfie selves and what better way to celebrate than take the best selfie ever! We all may think we know what we’re doing when it comes to taking the perfect selfie, but no one does it better than the Selfie Queen herself, Kylie Jenner.


Kylie has probably been taking selfies since she could pick up a camera and it shows because her selfies are near perfect every time. If you’re looking to step up your selfie game on this holiday check out these five selfies, Kylie has mastered, and take notes because you’re going to need them.

The Snapchat Selfie


The one thing you might have in common with the Kylie is taking Snapchat selfies, with the filters of course! From rocking the ever so classic or basic, puppy dog filter to the flower crown, every girl and boy has been rocking these filters for a while now, and we have Kylie Jenner to thank. This mega superstar also has the most followers on the platform, making her the Queen of Snapchat.

Who knows, maybe she’ll be posting some extra selfies today, since it’s basically a holiday made for her.

The Car Selfie


Living in LA comes with hours of standstill traffic, and when most people are busy honking their horns, Kylie takes full advantage of this downtime with her ever so perfect car selfies. She’s always finding the light and making a car seat background into a killer photo, always with millions of likes of course.

However, we can do our best to take notes and recreate these selfies on wheels, but of course not while driving.

The Mirror Selfie


Everyone and their mother has probably taken a mirror selfie in their life, but yet again Kylie takes the cake in this category. Whether she’s posting for a #ad or in her bikini, post-workout gear or red carpet look Kylie always has to stop and snap a selfie in any mirror she can find.

Honestly, how can she make every picture look so effortless and perfect every single time?

The BFF Selfie


To be one of Kylie Jenner’s BFFs would be a privilege on its own, but to make it in one of her selfies means you’ve really made it. From selfies with besties like Jordyn Woods and Anastasia Karanikolaou you can tell these girls know a thing or two about taking great pictures.

Even these two made this not so cute bathroom and featured hand dryer look like a million bucks.

The Mom Selfie


A new year brought Kylie not only a beautiful baby girl but also a new category to her selfie selection, the one, and only “mommy and me” selfie. Even though Kylie has chosen to not post a ton of pictures of Stormi, the duo still makes an appearance on the gram from time to time.

It’s so refreshing to see Kylie bare face, not so perfect hair and rocking her little girl by her side. We’re sure every new mom is working the camera trying to get the perfect mother-daughter selfie just like Kylie.

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