The 5 Tips For Snapping The Perfect Selfie

June 21st is Selfie Day, an entire holiday dedicated to people taking photos of themselves and sharing them via social media. Instead of spending the day scrolling through your friends’ stunning selfies in a jealous rage, follow our 5 steps for snapping the perfect selfie. Remember, it takes tons of shooting to finally achieve the perfect selfie. So get out there and take some pictures of yourself, we’re not going to judge.

1. Take your selfie EARLY

The easiest way to ensure that you are looking your best (and, by extension, feeling your best) is to take your selfie while your makeup is still fresh and before the wind and humidity have had a chance to attack your hair.

2. Avoid fluorescent lighting

When it comes to snapping the perfect selfie, go natural. Natural lighting adds a beautiful, warm glow to human skin while fluorescent lighting will suck the life right out of it.

3. Look up

For the most flattering angle possible, hold you phone angling down on you only slightly.

4. Be aware of your surroundings

No matter what angle you choose to shoot at, your followers will notice the background of your selfie. Does your room need a once-over?

5. Smile

Think of something that makes you truly happy because a fake smile is easy to spot. Happiness is contagious, and your followers will thank you.

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