What Is Micro-Cheating? These 7 Behaviors Are Red Flags

Cheating is when you do things with another person that you should be doing with your significant other during your relationship. Usually, it’s physically but it can also be emotionally. Either way, being cheating on feels horrible. Nowadays there is new terminology for dating and different types of cheating. It’s hard to decipher and cheating is always bad but let’s take a look at the newest type of cheating: micro-cheating.

Micro-cheating is sexual flirtation over social media with someone in a relationship. It can also be an in-person flirtation with a coworker or someone you see often that isn’t physical. It’s an inappropriate, new way to cheat and it’s very easy. Micro-cheating falls into the grey area because everyone is going to define inappropriate behavior differently. Sure it may cross the line but is it infidelity? This is different compared to something like traditional cheating which usually means being physical with someone else while you’re in a relationship. Many people classify that as inappropriate behavior when in a relationship.

While micro-cheating may not be at the same caliber as a physical or emotional affair, it involves secrecy with your partner. This secrecy is unhealthy in a relationship because if you’re being sneaky and trying to hide your behavior, you’re probably doing something you shouldn’t be. These small flirtations outside you’re relationship may seem harmless but it creates trouble in a relationship and breaks your bond with that person.

Not sure if you’re micro-cheating? Again micro-cheating isn’t black and white because we all have different definitions of appropriate behaviors. ¬†Either way, these behaviors can break trust!

Let’s take a look!

Contacting an Ex On Social Media


If you’re contacting your ex on social media is shady, but not everyone will agree that it is classified as cheating.

Lying about your relationship status on social media.


If you’re lying about your relationship status on social media to meet or connect with other people it’s shady because what is your reasoning for doing so?

Keeping an active dating profile.


Tinder won’t take you off swipes if you don’t control that in your settings but if you’re swiping while in a relationship? Definitely not an ok behavior.

Hanging out with someone you’re attracted to, alone.


If you’re with someone you’re attracted too and you’re alone? Isn’t that what a date is? Pretty much. If it looks like a date, smells like a date and sounds like a date, it is a date. Most likely inappropriate¬†during a relationship.

Repeatedly visiting a social media profile or keeping tabs on them.


If you keep tabs on someone on social media it’s like having an obsession. That usually means there are feelings there. This can rub people the wrong way.

Contacting an ex and hiding it.


This is never a good thing, especially if you feel the need to hide it. Hiding something usually means that you feel like it’s wrong and you don’t want your partner to find out. Let’s clarify this is different than being friendly with an ex which is a totally different story.

Having another emotional connection with someone that you go to.


If you go to someone else for emotional support while you’re in a relationship that is usually a red flag about your relationship. ¬†Emotional infidelity is up there with cheating.

Listing someone as a fake name in your phone.


If you’re using a fake name for someone you really need to evaluate your relationship. This is sketchy, it’s shady, it’s lying and it really means you want to hide what you’re doing which isn’t a good thing.

Sexting or sending nudes to someone else.


Sexting can pretty much be clarified by cheating by everyone. If you’re sending nudes or sexting your head is usually somewhere else and it’s not in your relationship.

The most important thing is figuring out the boundaries of your relationship. Micro-cheating covers a wide range of different behaviors so knowing what you and your partner consider cheating is what really counts.

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