The Exact Workout Plan Khloe Kardashian Is Using To Drop That Baby Weight

Before Khloe Kardashian got pregnant with baby True Thompson last year she went to the gym frequently, posted her workouts on her social media and starred in her show Revenge Body, which helped others shed weight.

Kardashian has been super transparent with the amount of work she has put in to turn her life and body around. And now after giving birth, she has returned to her habitual habit of working out and sharing her sweat sessions with her fans.

Her trainer, Joel Bouraima, or as Kardashian calls him, Coach Joe, shared Khloe’s post-pregnancy diet and workout regime.”She wants to feel good in her body again,” Bouraima told People magazine. “She’s motivated. And she’s already getting back!”

Bouraima started working with the Kardashian family in 2012 starting with Kanye West. He has since trained Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Kris Jenner along with Khloe.

He was Kim’s trainer when she was pregnant so he was more than qualified to train Khloe while she was sporting a baby bump. “We worked out until a month before the delivery,” Bouraima said about Khloe. “Not only was she healthy, but she avoided lower back pain and joint pain that a lot of women deal with.”’

He also claims that because Khloe was fit before and during her pregnancy, she can bounce back quicker. “The body has memory. It’s a lot easier for her to get abs and a flat stomach back than for someone who didn’t work out.” So those flat ab snaps Khloe keeps posting are totally real.

Khloe’s trainer said she gained about 25 pounds during her pregnancy, but isn’t in a rush to quickly shed the extra pounds. “Now, the goal is to be happy to work out again. She does want more definition, but we just started! And no matter what given the workouts we’re doing, she is going to lose weight.”

Bouraima says that Khloe’s back in the gym five or six times a week. He says they’ll do about 30-45 minutes of cardio in the morning and then weights in the afternoon. But on Monday’s she strictly does only cardio.

She also credits high-intensity interval training a.k.a. HITT workouts to be her secret weight loss weapon. Khloe most recently shared a HITT workout on her Snapchat that she did with Tristan Thompson.

The entire workout was centered around the bosu ball and hand weights. It was minimal equipment and can easily be done anywhere. In her snaps she would do two minutes of jump roping in between sets, so grab a jump rope and follow the similar HIIT bosu ball workout Khloe posted in 2017 below.

Working out in your garage is optional.

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