How To Tell If He Is Just Not That Into You

Yes I know, he’s really cute and he give you butterflies and everything is magical when you have a crush on someone. You’re looking for little signs that he might like you back and eventually, you either find the courage to tell them how you feel or you hold it to yourself in an abyss of misery and fear. However, before you make your big confession, here are a few signs that maybe you should move on to someone else. Sometimes he’s just not that into you, and you can see the signs before making any rash decisions.

He never asks you to hang out

Does it feel like you’re always nervously wondering how to casually ask them out to go somewhere? Or you’re jumping through several hoops to spend any time with them? If he were really into you, then you wouldn’t have to stress so much about when you could see them because he would be making about just as much effort as you.

He talks about his ex a lot

It’s fine if in passing he casually mentions his ex once. Like if it’s in regard to “oh my Ex-goes to school there” or something small. But if you feel like you’ve heard the word ex more than a few times it’s time to reevaluate if this person is worth it. For example, “oh my Ex-used to be obsessed with that show” or “this is my ex’s favorite song,” that Ex is definitely still whirling around in their head leaving no room for you.

He doesn’t go out of his way to talk to you

Are you constantly drafting a “hey what’s up” with your best friend and then waiting in anticipation for that certain someone to answer back? Are they ever texting you first? If you didn’t text them at all would you two even have conversations?

When you do actually talk you’re doing most of the talking

Let’s say that you two somehow are hanging out together. Does it seem like your spilling your entire life stories and dreams to them and talking about how you want to retire in the Hamptons but all you know about them is that they love the show, Rick, and Morty? If the most that you know about them is their work schedule and their major then chances are they don’t care enough to tell you more.

He gives mixed signals

This one can be tricky. Some people are natural flirters. Check and see if they treat you the same way that they treat everyone else. He may be unintentionally flirting simply because that’s his personality. If you feel like they’re flirting with you, but they don’t seem to take any true interest in you or initiate things then it’s probably best to pay attention to how they act around other people.

He never opens up to you about anything personal

If you aren’t that close with them then this isn’t too worrying, but if you seem to talk to them frequently and they haven’t shared anything with you that is personal or a little teensy bit vulnerable then it may be time to look at your other options. Opening up to someone has the capability of creating bonds with that person. If all of your conversations seem to be surface level then he just may not care enough to open up and don’t really see you as a potential lover.

He’s very forgetful with you

Did you stress over asking them to hang out with you and your friends only for them to send an “I’m sorry I forgot” text midway into the hangout? Do you feel like you need to constantly remind them of things like maybe they ask you how your psych class is going and you’re a political science major? If they don’t seem to remember anything about you or flake out of plans without a care, then it is safe to say that they are definitely not that into you.

He has never mentioned being into you

Unless the person your interested in is extremely shy if he’s into you, you will know it. Someone who is really into you is going to make that clear to you in their own subtle yet extremely obvious ways. You shouldn’t have a doubt in your mind. If someone really wants to pursue you then he will show it and you won’t even have to consider looking up these types of articles.

If you’re reading this and the dread that they actually don’t like you that way is slowly dawning on you, don’t worry so much it’s okay! Yes, it can be extremely sad and disappointing when your crush doesn’t like you back. But this only means that someone better who is definitely into you is around the corner. Don’t settle for wondering if someone is into you. Appreciate that you now know that he is not into you and you no longer have to waste your time. Enjoy the single life and be excited for the person that will be ecstatic to make it clear that he is pursuing you.

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