What Is A Soulmate, And Do You Only Have One?

Everyone has heard the romantic and hopeful idea that somewhere out there we have a soulmate. However, it can be hard to imagine that out of more than seven billion people in the world, only one person is our perfect match. Certain theories regarding soul mates believe that this is not the case. The idea of what a soul mate is and whether or not we only have one is extremely fluid.

What is a Soulmate?

There are so many ways to describe someone as your “soulmate.” Maybe you both have the same sense of humor and can laugh about something together for 30 minutes. Maybe your values are so aligned with the other that it seems impossible that this person could be anything but a soulmate. Perhaps you actually do feel some sort of karmic relationship with someone and have the sensation that you’ve known them your entire life, and maybe even other lives in the past as well if you believe in that. The Dictionary.com definition for the term soul mate is “a person with whom one has a strong affinity, shared values and tastes, and often a romantic bond.” However, there are so many other theories regarding what a soul mate actually is, and whether or not you only have one.

The Soul Group theory

It can be hard to grasp the idea that there is only one person in the universe that is wholly and completely matched for you. How will you two ever meet? How will you know if they are your soulmate? What if you never find them? Because of this confusion, many people find that they identify the most with this scenario. Visualize that you are in a group of 20 people. You all have the same values, senses of humor, and tend to think the same way about life. This is your soul group made up of all of your soul mates. This number can reach unknown limits and even contain as many as 200 people in a soul group as long as it is an even number. However, to make things less complicated, let’s imagine that your soul group is made up of 20 souls. One by one, the souls in your group of 20 are plucked from the group and dropped into different areas of the Earth in different time periods. Let’s say that 10 of you are dropped in the United States in 2003, and the other 10 are dispersed together in a different time period. You could all have different races, ethnicities, genders, and lifestyles. You are meant to meet with all of these souls eventually until you reach a certain sense of enlightenment.

Why do we have soul mates?

Certain people believe that we have soul mates in order to teach us the lessons that will add to our personal spiritual, and moral growth. Once we learn these lessons we are then sent back up into wherever (some people believe that we are sent back up into heaven) to reunite with the other souls in our group, to then join the creator in a place where everyone has learned every lesson. So let’s say that you meet 3 of your soul mates from your soul group throughout your life in 2003. One could be a lover, the other a friend, the other could even be your mom. However, each one has a different lesson to teach you in order to add to the growth of your soul. Meanwhile, the other people in your soul group are learning their lessons as well. Perhaps you learn all of the lessons that the soul mates in your time period can teach you, however you still have more to learn. In this case, the theory summarizes that you will be reincarnated alongside other members of your soul group that have the lessons that your soul is seeking. The goal is to reach full enlightenment with the help of your fellow soul mates.

What is a “twin soul”?

Within your even number of soul mates, every soul is paired with a twin soul. One person in your soul group is your twin soul, also known as your twin flame. This person is said to know you on the highest spiritual level. This soul is the biggest proponent to help you reach your highest stage of growth. They add to your best elements and help you to grow and change the worst parts of yourself. Essentially, you are your best self around them and they click with you almost perfectly. With this soul, you feel the most compatible and comfortable, willing to expose your most authentic self and knowing that they will accept you.  Your connection with your twin flame is the strongest connection that you will have in your soul group despite having numerous soul mates. When people think of a soul mate as one, they are usually describing what your twin soul is.

Have you met your soul mate?

Overall, many people believe that we do in fact have more than one soulmate, and that the purpose of this is to not in a sense complete us, but rather prompt us to be our best selves. Our soul mates don’t have to be romantic but can take on familial and friendship roles as well. For those of us that believe in soulmates, look throughout your life and relationships and see who you click with the most. Perhaps you already know that you’ve met your soulmate, or perhaps you are questioning why the bonds that you have with your best friend are so strong. Maybe you’ve met someone before that you just can’t shake out of your mind, or maybe you resonate with a family member more than anyone that you’ve met in your entire life.¬†Have fun searching for your soul mates, and relax in the fact that the universe has guided you with people to help you in life along the way.

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