Which Iconic TV Best Friends Are You & Your Best Friend?

It broke all of our hearts when Blair and Serena went on a friendship break, and we cried in adoration when Caroline and Bonnie stayed strong together when Elena couldn’t be. Best friends make the world go round and television best friends are no exception. Which pair of iconic best friends below match up with you and your bestie/besties?

Serena and Blair from Gossip Girl

If you have the type of karmic friendship where one of you will get the other kicked out of a fashion show one week, but have macaroons in France the next, then Serena and Blair are your go-to friendship idols. It seems like no matter how bad things get, these two can never be pulled apart. They always find a way to forgive each other no matter how much the other one messed up. When they’re against each other they can be ruthless, but if someone on the outside messes with the other? Watch out…

Elena, Caroline, and Bonnie from The Vampire Diaries

Here we have the literal example of “ride or die” relationships. These three gals definitely commit to their own friendship value of “till death do us part, and stay friends after death too. No matter how much they piss each other off for snapping the necks of potential boyfriends or killing off toxic frenemies, Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline all bring their own unique traits to the table that holds their friendship together. They all know that at the end of the day they have each other, because even vampirism and witchcraft can’t stop them from being #friendshipgoals.

Jane and Lena from Jane The Virgin

If one of you is the more laid back responsible one and one of you makes sure to go to every party every weekend, then you’re probably spiritual embodiments of Jane and Lena. Lena helps Jane to shoot for the stars while Jane makes sure that Lena doesn’t propel into the sun. They both bring out the best traits in each other, and support one another through every crazy love triangle, artificial insemination, or employment scandal.

Clarke and Bellamy from The 100

If one of your favorite things about you and your best friend is your loyalty to each other then this pair fits you and your bestie pretty well. Bellamy and Clarke are consistently looking out for each other’s well-being while not stepping on any leadership toes. While they both have strong personalities, they make sure to respect each other’s decisions and support each other’s potentially human race ending plans. If you would fight off a grounder for your best friend then look to this duo as your friendship icons.

Betty and Veronica from Riverdale

Are you and your bestie as inseparable as this duo while dealing with crazy external factors? Within the insane whirlwind that is the town of Riverdale, several obstacles have tried to keep Betty and Veronica apart ( The black hood, Veronica’s parents, Archie, you get the gist). But B and V stay together through thick and thin and always come back to each other even when they’re pushed to their limits. Betty reminds Veronica of her virtues while Veronica helps Betty to consistently step out of her comfort zones. Do you and your BFF resonate with the vixens of Riverdale?

Raven and Chelsea from That’s So Raven

If you and your best friend bring out each others’ goofy sides then you’ll probably be twinning with this pair of BFFs. Do you find that you’re constantly following your friend into some crazy adventure or elaborate plans like Raven and Chelsea? At the end of the day, even when your crazy schemes fail you know that you have each other to lift back up and laugh with…. only to have a new wild adventure tomorrow.

Have fun deciphering with your best friend which iconic pair levels up to your friendship!

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