8 Productive Ways To Make Your Commute Breeze By

Commuting is a love or hate kinda thing but it’s also a daily necessity! Sometimes your travel is a breeze and sometimes you spend all of it in traffic. Whether you take a train or drive your commute there are ways to make the most of your time traveling!

Here are some tips for making your commute productive and relaxing.

Study or prepare for work.


Given you’re not driving to work, a commute is a great time to prepare yourself for the workday. Study or read up on any proposals, presentations or emails that you’ll need for the day. If you’re going to grad school take that time to study and prepare for that!

Listen to podcasts


Podcasts are getting really popular and you can find one on just about every subject out there. They’re great to listen to during a commute in a car or on a train! You can find funny ones, fashion ones, reality tv ones and just about everything under the sun!


Play an app


If you need time to kill on your commute look for a new app. Candy crush, sudoku, crosswords. Pick your poison and use your commute as me time to play your favorite app.

Read a book


A train commute is a perfect opportunity to read a book if you like leisure reading! If you don’t feel like reading or get motion sickness, try listening to an audiobook!



Have a commute that you can walk or bike instead of taking a train or driving? It’s great exercise and fresh air! You don’t have to do it every day but doing once a week is easy enough. Maybe even get off the train a few stops earlier to get some walking in.


Create a to-do list


If having a to-do list helps you organize, your time during a commute (if you’re not driving) is perfect for that!

Clean out your mailbox


Do you have 5,000 emails? All junk emails from every retail store reward program you sign up for?  Clean out that inbox during your commute.

Catch up on blogs


A commute is a great time to catch up on all your favorite blogs.  Nowadays you can just look at Instagram for everything but check out a blog! They will always have new, in-depth content that you won’t find on Instagram. Today you can find a blog for just about everything under the sun.  Fashion, oh yes. Technology, yup. Sports, yes.  Just look!

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