Meghan Markle Has A New Job Close To The Queen

A little over a month after the Royal Wedding at Windsor Castle, where Meghan Markle officially became part of the royal family, the Duchess of Sussex has taken on a new role. She will be working for the Queen’s Young Leaders program. Harry has been a member since earlier this year, but now the two of them will host the program participants at Buckingham Palace.

Queen Elizabeth II founded the Queen’s Young Leaders program in 2013 to reach young activists ages 18-29 throughout the Commonwealth. Hundreds of applicants who have led their communities in mental health, women’s rights, and anti-violence advocacy apply each year. The first year’s winners were chosen in 2014, and they spent a week at Buckingham Palace where they receive their awards directly from Her Majesty, as have all subsequent winners.

Prince Harry is passionate about the program, “I have really enjoyed meeting so many of them over the past four years and their passion and understanding always leaves me hugely optimistic about the future.”

He continued, “I have seen time and time again that today’s generation understands something very important: that to tackle a big issue, you need to focus on the root causes of the challenge and not its symptoms. The Queen’s Young Leaders are having an incredible impact in their respective countries because they have adopted this mindset.”

Hosting the program is a job “that has been close to [Queen Elizabeth II’s] heart since it started five years ago,” so for Meghan to hold the position is an honor. And we already know that Meghan and the Queen get along well, as shown at the opening of the Mersey Gateway Bridge when the two sat next to each other and were caught laughing.

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