Don’t Cuddle These Animals If You Are On Your Period

If you have ever seen Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, chances are good that you know actor Steve Carell’s line, “the bears can smell the menstruation.” Of course, after having a few laughs about the scene, you probably began wondering to yourself what other animals, besides bears, can tell when you’re on your period? As it turns out, some of your pets may even know when it’s that time of the month. Lucky for you, we’ll tell you which household animals to avoid during menstruation.


While there is no scientific literature about cats and menstruation, it’s very likely that your feline friends can detect a period because of their highly acute senses of smell. However, more often than not, cats don’t care about your period because, well, they’re cats!


Like cats, dogs are exceptionally sensitive to smell. As a result, expect increased crotch-sniffing. Make sure to dispose of tampons and pads in areas difficult for Fido to reach, because there’s a good chance that he will go hounding after them.


While rodents do respond more strongly to smell than sight, their usual lack of responsiveness towards their owners makes it difficult to determine whether they are actually aware of menstruation.


Birds are oblivious to your period as they lack a keen sense of smell.


Avoid handling male iguanas while you are on your period! Despite their usual calmness, iguanas have been known to attack their female owners who are menstruating due to changes in pheromonal odor. They grow particularly aggressive if they are kept at eye-level. Although not all reptiles are a threat, it has been proven that snakes too can sense menstruation. If you don’t want to take your chances, it’s best to just avoid reptiles during that time of the month.

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