YouTube Star Tana Mongeau Under Fire For Her Failed TanaCon Event

YouTube star Tana Mongeau tried to hold her own convention of fans and content creators and it backfired horribly. Now fans are wondering what happened and why Mongeau’s TanaCon was such a mess.

According to Just Jared, TanaCon was supposed to start on June 22 in Anaheim, California. Things took a dramatic turn when roughly 15,000 fans without tickets showed up to TanaCon wanting to get in.

Polygon said that at 10:00 A.M. on June 22 registration for ticket buyers was supposed to begin. There were already 1,000 fans lined up in the parking lot of Anaheim Mariott Suites, where TanaCon was supposed to be held, waiting to get in. The turn out was so crazy because the ticket prices were low making the convention more accessible for fans. The YouTube convention featured big names like Shane Dawson and Bella Thorne as well as Mongeau.

Only a handful of fans got to enter the Marriot hotel. The Polygon said that at 1:00 P.M. thousands of fans were still waiting outside in the hot sun. Water was not provided and fans began to feel ill. Some were waiting in line since 6:00 A.M. to get inside.

The few fans who got inside were far from impressed. Multiple tweets complained that the convention wasn’t organized and was just a hallway. Polygon says that TanaCon was supposed to be contained in a small ballroom that holds maybe 1,000 and a second smaller room that holds 50 people. Two rooms for roughly 1,500 people when 15,000 people showed up.

Eventually, officials shut the event down due to the thousands in attendance. Supposedly 15,000 fans showed up planning on getting into the convention. The hotel lobby and parking lot were overrun by fans. This obviously conflicted with the hotel’s fire codes. Good Times, the company behind TanaCon has apologized and promised refunds. Fans were annoyed about the lack of communication and not knowing was going on.

The creation of TanaCon came in spite of VidCon, the more popular and more expensive content creator convention. Last year Mongeau wasn’t a “featured creator” so she was provided with less security. She said this caused chaos and took matters into her own hands creating her own convention.

TanaCon’s lack of organization, security, communication led to its downfall. Many fans are still sticking up for Mongeau saying she tried to do something for the fans and it’s not her fault, while others are criticizing her for the chaotic event. It’s being compared to Frye Fest for how unorganized the event was.

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