How To Enjoy The Single Life: Must-See Tips & Advice

It can be a serious buzzkill when you stare at your phone wanting to hang out with someone and realize that all of your friends are out with their significant others. However, being single is not all doom and gloom and crying while you watch Pretty Woman for the 30th time on a Saturday night. Being single can be fun! It can also add to your growth as a human being. Here are some beneficial ways to enjoy being single while also indulging in a little bit of personal growth.

Take your time to find your passion

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, it can be extremely beneficial to your life to find your passion and discover what you would like to do every day. Sometimes in a relationship, we can be so passionate about the other person that we aren’t pausing to remember what we like to do. Being single allows you so much time to explore your passions and figure out what it is that you really want to do in life. Look at this as not a time of loneliness but rather a time to embark on self-discovering adventures.

Settle into who you are

Have you ever had the friend that absolutely hated hiking, but now that she’s dating Chuck she has joined the national association of passionate hikers? Or maybe your friend Dan is the definition of a math-science student and has no desires for art at all, but he can’t hang out as much because his girlfriend Serena takes him to the art museum every weekend? Sometimes relationships help us discover sides of ourselves that we never knew existed, but it can become a problem when we begin to change ourselves in order to be exactly like our partner. Being single gives you time to really settle into who you are and who you aren’t. It will give you the time to have the confidence to remain true to yourself while in a relationship rather than succumbing to the idea of what your partner wants you to be. Have you always dreamed of being an architect? Hold onto that and don’t let it go. Your authentic dreams will last longer than any relationship that you have.

Figure out what you like/don’t like

Maybe you don’t like PDA and you cringe every time you see couples holding hands. Maybe you’ve taken the time to realize that you can’t date someone unless they have the same sense of humor as you. Being single doesn’t mean that you can’t go on several dates and figure out what you want for your future partner. Explore yourself and your likes and dislikes. You want someone who loves the outdoors? You wouldn’t be with someone who doesn’t have the same political opinions as you? When you’re approached with a potential gate into not being single anymore, this will make it easier to see if you really want to be with this person or if you’re just running away from the fear of being single.

Enjoy the delights that are your friends

Being in a relationship can take up a lot of time. While within every relationship it is of the utmost importance to make sure that you’re making time for your friends, overall you are most likely going to be spending more time with your partner. Take the time of being single to strengthen the bonds that you have with your friends and realize that friends are forever and most relationships come and go. Go out and have fun without having to worry about how someone else will feel about whatever it is that you are doing. Relish the freedom of not having to tell someone where you are and what you’re doing.

Smile at a free-er schedule

It is my opinion that in a healthy relationship you should be able to have enough free time for yourself and confidently be able to tell your partner that you really just want to lay in bed all day by yourself and watch Gossip Girl. However, in the honeymoon stages of a relationship and even after the honeymoon stage, it may feel like you have to plan your schedule around your partner. While you should definitely be integrating some me time while in a relationship, your schedule will definitely fill up with the time spent with your significant other. While single you are a free bird. You can wake up at noon and stay up till 3 am on the weekends with no plans the next day. You can have your waffles for dinner and steak for breakfast at whatever. time. you. want.┬áThis is not to say that you can’t do some of these things while in a relationship, but as a single person, you’ll probably have more time, along with a guilt-free conscious to do whatever you want.

Being in a relationship can be great and fun and filled with love and what not, but being single allows us to be the best people that we can be before entering into a relationship. Being single allows you to discover yourself in ways that you may not be able to while focusing so much on someone else. So if you’re reading this and you’re single, enjoy every moment. Take the much needed time for yourself and remind yourself of this article when you’re watching rom-coms and wishing that you were whisked away by a handsome stranger in New York City. You are your own handsome stranger my friend.

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