5 Ways To Tell If Someone Is In Love With You

There comes a point in every relationship after you’ve been dating for some time, where you may start to wonder if you and your bae’s feelings have both gotten stronger for one another. And while you may be ready to take the plunge and let your boo know that you love them, sometimes the uncertainty and fear of it not being reciprocated stop us from taking that next step in a relationship.

The good news is that even though you or your bae hasn’t officially dropped that L-bomb, there are ways to tell whether your boo is in love with you without them having to say it, and that will put an end to you constantly wondering whether or not your significant other is in love with you. To find out how someone behaves when they are in love and ways to tell you boo is in love with you without them saying it, take a look at these five behaviors.

1. They Make You A Priority

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When someone is truly in love they will make it a point to make you a top priority as well as your feelings and the relationship. You’ll know your S.O. is in love when they put you above other stuff that gets in the way of life. They’ll also make sure that they keep their promises and don’t disrespect your time.

2. They Take Care Of You When You’re Sick/In Need

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Because our time is so valuable, one of the key ways to tell your boo is in love is when they sacrifice their time and put their life on the backburner when you’re in need or sick. Having your bae come around when things aren’t going well for you or when you have the flu and they risk getting sick just to take care of you is another clear sign that shows that they love you. When you’re in love, you show up no matter what. Plain and simple.

3. They Remember & Plan Ahead For Special Occasions

A good way to tell that your boo loves you is if they make sure to remember special dates and anniversaries that are important to you and the relationship. On top of that, they go out of their way to help celebrate those anniversaries in a meaningful way.

Not everyone looks at remembering “special occasions” as a big deal in a relationship. If your boo isn’t that big on anniversaries and dates but goes out of their way to remember and make it special just for you that’s a good sign of them showing their love by doing something they know is important to you and will make you happy.

4. They Constantly Brag About You When You Aren’t Around

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When your bae is feeling the love, one of the easiest ways they are going to show it is by talking about how amazing you are to whomever and whenever they can. They’re going to be so proud and grateful for you that they are going to let people know that even when you’re not around. They’re pretty much bragging about you non-stop.

5. They Constantly Go Above & Beyond, Even When They Don’t Have To

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You’ll know your boo is in love with you when they continually make it a point to put in the effort even when they don’t have to. When a person is in love, they are going to make sure that they keep the relationship as fresh as possible to ensure that their partner is always happy. They’ll put in the work and make as much of an effort as they can to make sure the relationship doesn’t turn sour.

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