How To Conquer Fear Of Public Speaking: Must-See Tips & Advice

Public speaking can be extremely daunting for most people. There is so much that can go into how someone feels about public speaking–whether a bad experience in middle school or a work presentation that went poorly. We can tend to look back at our past “not-so-great” public speaking engagements as a reference point for the future. But a couple poor public speaking occurrences shouldn’t discourage you.

Michelle Obama’s chief speechwriter since 2008, Sarah Hurwitz recently addressed an audience at the 2018 Teen Vogue Summer about how to get your point across when you’re speaking in public.

We have come up with a list of some of the many important points she made in her speech about public speaking. We hope that these great pieces of advice may help you to get your points across with confidence.

1. Don’t Expect Linear Success


You can’t expect to speak publically once and be a pro. It may even not be until you’ve spoken in public over 10 times that you finally have it down. It’s also not linear–you won’t get gradually better. You may have an amazing speech one day and have a speech in the future that goes poorly. What matters is that you learn from where you fell short to be better later.

2. Remember That Mistakes Are The Keys To Achievement


This statement may seem contradictory but truly–mistakes are the key to achievement. Without mistakes, how can you know what you can do better next time? Improvement is key here, and although mistakes and failure feel horrible at the moment, they let you know how to change.

3. Keep In Mind What Impression You Want To Leave


While giving your speech, kind in mind a mantra that you want your audience to leave with. What is one thing you would want them to remember?

4. Talk Like A Normal Person


Don’t fill your speech with frilly language that is difficult to understand. You want to make sure you can get your point across without confusing your audience about what points you are making.

5. Don’t Overuse Adjectives And Adverbs


Keep the use of the words in your speech straight to the point. It is easy to trip over your words when you add too much fluff to your sentences–plus it gets old after a while.

6. Fact Check


Make sure to fact check all of your points with multiple sources–don’t just find info from one source and deem it as best.

7. Know Your Audience


Make sure to know your audience and the many different types of people who may be a part of it. You want to make sure your speech is topical to all of the people in your audience whether it be generational or relating to their overall life experiences.

8. Practice! Practice! Practice!


Practice your speech when you can. Whether it be in the mirror or with a friend or coworker of yours. Friends and coworkers will likely give honest feedback as well so you can evolve your speech.

9. Holistically Write The Speech


Make sure that all the elements of your speech fit together and create a cohesive meaning. Without this, you may confuse yourself and your audience when you are speaking. Keeping the bigger meaning in mind will help you be more confident when you are giving your speech because you clearly know how each piece connects.

10. Be Strong


Be strong and confident while delivering your speech. Do this through your tone, stance, and eye contact. You have to become an actor when speaking publically. By having a strong stance, even though you may not initially feel confident you can act your way into that feeling. Fake it till you make it!

11. Give Suggestions For Action


Give your audience a call to action at the end of your speech. Give them ways that the topic of your speech can be put into action and resources where they can learn more about the topic.

We hope that these tips may help you in some way. Becoming a confident public speaker is a process and cannot be done overnight. Remember too that no public speaker is alike–just like no person is alike. There is no “perfect example” of a public speaker and you can adapt to be a good public speaker in your own way. !

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