Kim Kardashian Was Supposedly Paid To Promote The Singing Career Of The Woman Who Bought Her Old House

Kim Kardashian isn’t unfamiliar with sponsored content, the business mogul practically invented the money-making venture. But now Kardashian’s SponCon ways may have gotten a little out of hand.

The Blast reports that Kardashian’s recent sale of her Bel-Air home came with promotional strings. Singer Marina Acton, a Ukranian billionaire, bought Kardashian and Kanye West‘s house in November for $17.8 million. The sale of the mansion reportedly came with a clause that Kardashian had to promote Acton’s singing career on her social media.

Acton, who was married to WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton, bought the house for almost two times more than what the Kardashian-West’s originally paid for back in 2013, which was $9 million.

The couple did remodel and work on the house, but the $8.7 million jump in price is not warranted. TMZ reports that the sale is the most expensive sale in the Bel-Air crest community. After Acton purchased the celebs’ house in November Kardashian and the hopeful singer were spotted out together and she even posted about Acton on her Instagram.

The fast friendship was met with raised eyebrows. After the sale, Kardashian and Acton went out to dinner. TMZ asked Acton if Kardashian and West living in the house was the reason why she bought it. She denied buying the house because the famous couple were selling it and said she wanted to build a studio there.

A few months later Kardashian posted a selfie of the two, which is now-deleted, at Acton’s single release party. The selfie didn’t match Kim’s aesthetically pleasing feed and the post was solely to promote Acton’s then brand new single “Fantasize.”

After Kardashian’s Instagram was posted the podcast Who? Weekly reported on the odd friendship. The podcast hosts Lindsey Weber and Bobby Finger suspected that sponsored content was woven into the real estate sale of Kardashian-West’s home, which would explain the odd friendship.

The Blast reports that Kardashian’s appearance and selfie at the single release party was part of the real estate deal. Since the now deleted selfie, Kardashian and Acton haven’t been spotted out since.

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