7 Times Pride Month Made You Grab The Tissues, In A Good Way






With 2018 Pride Month almost over let’s sashay down memory lane with some of this month’s best moments from the LGBTQ+ community. From heart filled surprises to LGBTQ+ youth to stand out pride festival performances this year will be one for the books no doubt.

With the amount of hate in today’s society over one controversial issue to another, this month was about pushing that to the side and celebrating love and equality for all. The LGBTQ+ community is one heck of a strong force and there ain’t nothing stopping us.

Here are the top 10 moments this pride month that went and just made you all kinds of emotional.

Kehlani’s Biggest, Littlest, Fan


Despite some backlash towards San Fransisco pride cutting Kehlani’s performance short, due to its late start, one moment made it all worth it. After posting a few Twitter rants about her disappointment in the way the staff handled the situation, Kehlani posted this heart filled tweet shortly after. A young girl celebrating pride and this moment with one of her biggest idols.

Captioning the tweet “Who I do it for,” and making this little girl’s dream come true.

Ultra Conservative No More

Who says you can’t change your mindset? This father-daughter duo has become the poster family for one of the best pride moments. He tricks his daughter into thinking she won’t be allowed to go to pride with her friends because it’s not right. In the end, he comes to her with one condition, she has to have all new accessories to rock if she’s going to go.

Watch her rollercoaster of emotions unfold into such a beautiful moment, We’re not crying, you’re crying.

Fresh and Ironed Flag

For this Virginia native, Lexie was all ready for her big day at Washington D.C.’s Pride. The next morning rolls around and what does she see, her grandma decided to iron her Bi flag to make sure it was fresh and pristine before she left.

This fantastic woman just won the Grandma Of The Year Award by everyone on Twitter, and we couldn’t agree more.

Grandmas Changing The Game

Yet again another woman breaking older generation stereotypes one grandma at a time.

Surprise Visit


It’s one thing to come out to your parents, but it’s a whole different ball game for them to fully understand and accept the news. However, for this lucky girl, her mom pulled off the ultimate pride surprise.

Need we say more than watch this video, you’ll be filled with happiness and pride for the rest of your day.

Wedding Bells

No matter who you are or where you work; love, passion, and acceptance are all the LGBTQ+ community cares about. Not only was this a big day for the happy couple, but a stepping stone in breaking down the rules of sexuality in the workforce.

Congratulations to the lovely couple, can’t wait to see wedding photos.

Makeup For Everyone

In the world of Youtube and makeup influencers, makeup is truly becoming a platform for everyone. No matter your age, gender or race Youtube is a community built for all.

While filming a makeup tutorial this young beauty guru gets the best compliment of his life, and it might be the sweetest thing we’ve ever seen.

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