Justin Bieber Skipped Legal Deposition To Hang With Hailey Baldwin






According to Justin Bieber‘s angry ex-neighbor, the singer skipped a legal deposition to hang out with his new fling Hailey Baldwin.


Bieber was ordered by the court to attend a deposition on June 22. This wasn’t the first time Beiber skipped his legal date. Jeffrey Schwartz, the angry neighbor, claims that Bieber has caused delays in their lawsuit and skipped five scheduled deposition meetings over the last two years.

So what is this lawsuit even about? Remember when Bieber egged his neighbor’s house in 2014? Well, that neighbor is Schwartz and he pressed charges. if you don’t know about the incident, back in January 2014 Schwartz heard a banging at his back door at his home. He looked outside and saw Bieber throwing eggs at his house. The neighbor filmed himself confronting Bieber. The two exchange unpleasantries and Schwartz instructed his 13-year-old daughter to call the cops.

Schwartz pressed charges and Bieber was charged with misdemeanor vandalism. He pleaded no contest and was ordered to pay $80,900 in restitution, attend an anger management program and do five days of community service. But Schwartz is looking for more for the emotional distress Bieber’s actions have caused him and his wife.

Bieber has yet to give a legal statement regarding the case and Schwartz has had enough. The day that Bieber was supposed to show up in court he was photographed in New York City lip locking with Baldwin.

The two young celebs have been spotted getting cozy recently. They went on a vacation in Miami and were spotted kissing around New York City. Bieber’s honeymoon brain is really going to cost him.

Schwartz now wants the judge to fine Bieber $1,000 a day for every day he doesn’t give a deposition and issue a bench warrant for the singer.

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