15 Podcasts To Listen To While You’re Chilling On The Beach

There is nothing better than to relax on the beach (or by the pool) with the sun (and some sunscreen!). Sometimes just being with your thoughts is too much and other times you just don’t feel like listening to music. A podcast is a happy medium: there are many varieties of podcasts from educational podcasts to lifestyle podcasts. Sometimes you want to listen to a podcast but there are just too many options. Look no further, we’ve got you covered with a list of 15 different types of podcasts.

1. The Friend Zone


This podcast is about important life things like mental health, self-care, dating and relationships, health and fitness and all other kinds of social and cultural topics. These topics are discussed by three friends who always bring different perspectives to the table.

Episode Length: an hour and 40 minutes

2. Snap Judgment


This podcast features well-edited stories about people and the things that they’ve been through. The stories are dramatically told with soundscapes throughout the podcast featuring many different types of lives.

Episode Length: 50 minutes

3. WTF With Marc Maron


If you’re looking for a podcast with a comedic interviewing style then this one is for you. You’ll hear different comedians and other artists talk about this lives and careers with Maron’s aggressive self-taught interviewing style. The conversations will often wander into emotionally complicated stuff and this podcast is great if you’re into that.

Episode Length: an hour and a half


4. On The Media


In this podcast, two NPR co-hosts lead you through a deep dive into the week’s news with much critical analysis. This podcast is a great way to get your news beyond the surface and to reflect on how the media shapes your opinions.

Episode Length: 50 minutes

5. Out There


This podcast is a quiet and gentle conversation about the outdoors if that’s your thing. People talk about working out in nature and the beauty they have found in it.

Episode Length: 30 minutes

6. The Sporkful


Hungry? Listen to this podcast for anything and everything food related. The hosts debate and obsess over everything food-related and will teach you how to “Eat More Better.”

Episode Length: 20 minutes


7. Welcome to Night Vale


This podcast is staged like a duo comedy and mystery TV series. You can compare it to the likes of The Twilight Zone. Look no further if you’re in for something mysterious.

Episode Length: 20 minutes

8. Nerdist Writers Panel


Similar to Inside the Actor’s Studio, this podcast looks into the minds of professional writers from shows like Friends. It’s an amazing way to learn about the process and business of writing for TV shows and movies.

Episode Length: an hour

9. New Yorker: The Political Scene


This podcast is a weekly update of the worldwide political scene. This podcast lets you form an educated opinion about what is going on in the world however complicated it gets.

Episode Length: 20 minutes


10. She’s All Fat: A Body Positive Podcast


This podcast focuses on current events, pop-culture, self-care and intersections between women’s bodies and feminism–all with chill humorous vibes.

Episode Length: an hour

11. See You Next Wednesday


This pop-culture podcast covers films and television. The contributors roll a dice to see who will cover which piece of entertainment for the week so you’re guaranteed to get a holistic view of media from different people.

Episode Length: an hour and a half

12. The Struggle Bus


This podcast is good to listen to when you’re feeling sad and need a friend. It is an advice show that tackles mental-health, self-care and just getting through the day.

Episode Length: an hour

13. Great Women of Business


This podcast focuses on stories of business savvy women who battled sexism all the way to the exec suite. Look to this podcast for some great inspiration and stories of resilience.

Episode Length: an hour


14. You Can’t Make This Up


This podcast dives more in-depth into the truth behind Netflix Original true stories. Check out this podcast if you’ve ever wondered: but then what happened?

Episode Length: an hour

15. Nothing Much Happens; Bedtime Stories for Grown-Ups


This podcast is the perfect way to unwind before bed or taking a nap. First, this podcast will relax you and then it will make you fall into a deep sleep.

Episode Length: 20 minutes

However you choose to podcast this summer we hope you found at least one podcast you could enjoy. Looking for more options? Check out Listen Notes which prides itself as “The No. 1 Podcast Search Engine.” There are about over 500,000 active podcast shows so there’s bound to be something you’ll enjoy. Happy Listening!

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