Top 10 Ways To Throw The Best Backyard BBQ This Summer

Heat up the grill, get drinks flowing and turn up the music, it’s time for a backyard BBQ! The idea of hosting a backyard BBQ might be intimidating, especially if you’ve never thrown one before. Whether you’re just starting out or already a party-throwing grillmaster, we’ve got some ideas that’ll make this BBQ your best one yet. Here are our top 10 tips for throwing a backyard BBQ this summer, so if you’re in need of some inspiration read on. Your grill won’t be the only one fired up about this party!

10. Punch Up Your Party

When you’re thinking of buying drinks for your party, you might be tempted to run to the nearest store and stock up on beers. Instead, bowl over your guets with an eye-popping display such as a watermelon carved out into an impromptu punch bowl!

9. Mix Up The Menu

Burgers and hot dogs are the obvious choice for a BBQ menu, although you’re not limited to the classics. If you’re stumped on recipe ideas, try adding some skewer or flatbread options to the menu to give your guests a flavorful variety.

8. Containing Cones

Ice-cream is a surefire way to win over your guests, but adding cones into the mix could make for a messy disaster. To prevent the ice-cream from leaking out, plug the bottom of your cones with mini marshmallows and enjoy!

7. Glassware Glamour

To prevent unwanted guests such as bugs and leaves from entering your drinks, create cocktail covers for your party-goers’ drinks! Simply cut a small x into the center of a festive cupcake liner, insert a straw, and sip safely.

6. Paper Pouches

Make cleaning up easy by elminiating plastic cups and paper plates altogether. Instead, make DIY pouches out of glassine and parchment paper. No mess, less stress.

5. Color Coding

Adding color-coded ice buckets to your BBQ can make sorting drinks a breeze if your guets decide to bring beverages of thier own. By pairing similar drinks in the coded containers, it’s easy to grab-n-go and enjoy the rest of the party.

4. Savory Skewers

Instead of plain old fruit and veggie skewers, try adding some flair by throwing meat in the mix and firing up the grill.

3. Light It Up

Just because your party is outdoors, doesn’t mean you can’t bring the heat. If you don’t have a fire pit, add decorations such as tikki torches to turn up the atmosphere and decor.

2. Pinwheel Party

Nothing says summer like a pinwheel, so why not add them to your BBQ by shaping your napkins! If arts and crafts isn’t your thing, try picking up some pinwheels to give out as party favors.

1. Invest In Invitations

Sending text after text can get old fast. Differentiate your party from the rest by investing in some colorful invitations, such as a classic gingham design. The extra effort will make guests excited to see what else you’ve got in store.

Try some of these tips out to make this backyard BBQ the best of the summer!