9 Best Places To Shop For Dorm Decor




Decorating your dorm is so exciting because you get to create your own little space!  At the same time, it’s overwhelming because you have to figure out your aesthetic, what you want and where to buy it all without spending a ton of money!

Look no further, here are some great places that’ll help you create the cutest dorm no matter what your style is!

Urban Outfitters


Urban isn’t the cheapest place when you think about it but they have cute tapestries to hang on your wall that aren’t too pricey and a good selection of Twin XL bedding which can be really hard to find. If you like indie, boho vibes then take a look at Urban for some personal style, accent pieces.



Dormify is awesome because you can buy everything for your room to match a certain theme. That’s right they sell stuff separately or in a collection. The prices aren’t terrible but they aren’t the cheapest. Check out Dormify for style specific accents to add to your room.

TJ Maxx


TJ Maxx has great decorations and bedding during August and September when school starts. You can find the cutest accessories and high-quality bedding for cheaper prices there!

PB Teen


PB Teen can be more pricey but they have good Twin XL bedding you can invest in for your time at college! They’re also a good option for a preppy or nautical themed room!



Amazon first off is awesome. If you see something you want for your room that’s super expensive check Amazon. Chances are you can find stuff that’s similar for way cheaper.



Target has a good back to school section in August – September. They have a good variety of bedding, lighting and cute, room accessories for great prices!



Like Target, Walmart is a good source for non-expensive room basics and bedding. Walmart probably isn’t the best place for style specific pieces but they’ll carry basics.



Primark is a great spot for cheap yet cute and trendy room accessories. We’re talking $11 pillows, $9 wall decor and $3 desk accessories that are all super cute.

Bed, Bath and Beyond


Bed, Bath and Beyond has a good dorm section with bedding essentials and items like a bed in a bag which is basically all your bedding sold in a bundle.  They also have a program for those going to college out of state that allows you to decide what you want to buy at home and then pick it up in a bundle at school. They give out 20% off coupons for dorm stuff so take advantage of that!

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